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Console Comparison

posted by JusticeArt (GRANBURY, TX) Oct 24, 2009

Member since Apr 2008


(The site wont let me post the link above, so to get the link to work just put the dot between gametrailers and com, and then copy & paste it in your search bar.)

I didn't know that the Xbox 360 doesn't support DirectX 10. That's wierd because they're both Microsoft. The PS3 uses OpenGL but there is talk that the PS3 can support DirectX 10. The PS3 can play DirectX10 PC games on the PS3 over a network or the internet.

There's not much differance in the console versions of the game. The PS3 loads textures in slightly faster and supports slightly crisper graphics, but that's just because it's a more powerful system. The playstation has always put a white wash look to dull the colors down some to give there colors a more realistic look. IMO the Xbox has the best online community, and for that reason I bought the game for the 360.

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Borderlands IS REALLY GOOD

posted by Gaurdian99 (CARLSBAD, CA) Oct 24, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

This is a good quality game, its controls resemble that of call of duty. The action in this game is always constant and when you level up, The enemies are always a good challenge no madder if your a high or low level, When you have 4 people playing; the enemies become harder but drop better loot, The loot system is the best i have ever seen, you are always finding little guns and money, and some the bazillion guns is true but its like there are like 40 base guns and they all have little tweaks to them like damage, critical bonus, scopes, and clips sizes with a bunch of other stuff thrown in. The quest system is go and do this, then go back to the original person to tell them your done, bit that may sound repetative but it is not, the quest are always engaging and fun. There are a lot of minuature boss battles, that are challenging. i have been playing the game, for about a full day and i am only 20% complete so its a long lasting game with a lot of replayability.

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posted by delavallad (CHARLOTTE, NC) Oct 24, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

Finally,a game that has the chance to have a cult following the size of world of warcraft.from the storyline to the graphics{which remind me of afro samurai/prince of persia},to the whole rpg/fps element,this game has it all.If gearbox/2k keep the DLC coming in waves this could be the start of something special.I gave it a 9/10 because of a few minor problems that can be fixed with a patch.Other than that, this game rocks.

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