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GF Rating

Very Good

Great deal for the price

posted by Nemy009 (HOUSTON, TX) May 18, 2014

Member since Mar 2006

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Having spent a lot of time with the console version of this game, I thought it would be cool to be able to play it on the go. Graphically the game looks darn good on the Vita's screen, and could possibly be the best looking game on the system to date. The controls don't take long to get used to, but if you're like me you'll probably find yourself meleeing unintentionally because your finger keeps touching the rear touch pad.

Some concessions had to be made of course because of the hardware limitations, like enemies not staying on the screen once killed (they simply explode), and the enemy count is lower than in the console version which will force you to do the side-quests if you want to level your character up quickly.

All in all, the game is a pretty faithful version of the console original, and a very impressive technical feat for a handheld console.

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GF Rating

Very Good

"Professional" reviews don't do this title justice

posted by banky74 (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Jul 23, 2014

Member since May 2009

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Every "professional" review that I have read of Borderlands 2 for the Vita spends an enormous amount of time focusing on the fact that the game does not perform identically to the ps3/360 versions.

I won't disagree with them on that point. The frame rate is lower and some other more subtle visual sacrifices had to be made.

But focusing purely on the technical limitations causes one to miss the fact that this title on the Vita is INCREDIBLY FUN. Is the frame rate lower than on the ps3? Yes. Is it still completely playable? YES. Borderlands 2 was never a "twitch shooter" in the first place so a frame rate that isn't smooth as glass isn't much of a hindrance.

There are some other criticisms I can make such as the text/font size not being properly scaled up in some sections which results in incredibly tiny text on some of the menus. But these are the same items that "pro reviewers" got caught up on in their reviews and it almost resulted in me not trying the game.

Thankfully I rented it anyway and within 48 hours, I was clicking the "keep" button.

The spirit of Borderlands 2 is alive and well in this Vita port and it is incredibly FUN. That's the bottom line and don't let any professional reviewer tell you differently.

On a final note, if you rent/buy this game, make sure you upgrade to the 1.04 patch immediately before playing the game. Performance (for me) improved noticeably with that patch.

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GF Rating

Very Good

as good as it gets

posted by awar90 (PHOENIX, AZ) Aug 4, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

many people give the game bad reviews, but there are many limitations with ps vita and bringing console games to it, but this game does a good job in bringing it here, it has some of the better graphics than games along the lines of need for speed most wanted and the 3 mlb the show games, it also does a good job on bringing the large game world onto a small screen, if you have never played borderlands 2 and own a console, play it on console first and if you would like to take the game with you wherever you go, then this is a good choice, it was a good choice and a fun use of time when out and about, i recommend this game

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