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Borderlands 2, too fun

posted by rooter (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) Jan 11, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I had to go back and play borderlads 1 due to the fact I skipped over it. I loved it right away. When borderlands 2 come out, I jumped on it with both feet. Leveling was easier in the respect that you knew where to go and objectives were more defined and easier to track. I cannot wait to play the x-pac add ons myself. Even if you are not a 1st person shooter dude (or dudette) it is fun.


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Amzing game...until the patched all the fun stuff

posted by Spacecop (OBERLIN, OH) Jan 9, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

Most of the game is hilarious. The dialogue is amazing, the story line is amazing. But the fun stuff in it was patched so not so much fun anymore.

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Is there a way to give a rating of higher than 10?

posted by WitchDocta (RICHMOND, TX) Jan 7, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

I'm serious this game is absolutely impeccable. Borderlands 2 is an example of gaming nirvana. It has some of the most beautiful graphics I have ever seen, while the story is gut-wrenching and hilarious at the same time. Claptrap is back and, dare I say it, is funnier than ever. Every time I got a mission with Claptrap I knew that I was in for wild adventure and he never disappointed. The supporting characters were just a superb with each having their own deep and meaningful back story that really fleshed the game out. Ooooo and lest I forget Handsome Jack, the game's main antagonist. I've got to say that Handsome Jack is one of my favorite game villains ever. He is the perfect mixture of humor and sadistic evil. With returning characters from the first Borderlands (i don't think that's a spoiler but whatever) I get to put a story behind the faceless and mostly mute characters I fell in love with. Unlike the first Borderlands I get to find out the story of my character in this game instead having to wait till the next installment, which was great. Now onto the game play itself. Once again there is a shmorgishborg of weapons each with their own stats and abilities. Added onto that there are unique weapons, such as sniper rifle that nags you every time you reload or you kill an enemy. With the varying types of enemies I never really got bored fighting the same enemy over and over. What was surprising and satisfying all at the same time were the multitude of Easter Eggs hidden throughout the game. Imagine my surprise as I was harmlessly traveling and I find a pseudo-Donkey Kong or a Creeper cavorting in a cave surrounded by the familiar pixelated blocks that I have grown to love. I don't know if you have caught on to this or not but I really love this game and if you don't you can go die in a whole full of games you would probably find fun like the 64 version of Superman or Call of Duty(yeah i went there, THEY ARE ALL THE FREAKING SAME THING).

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