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Pretty Good Game.

posted by Hellsing (RICHFIELD, NC) Feb 27, 2013

Member since Aug 2010

First, let me say that Borderlands 2 (BL2) was a good game. However, for those of us who expected it to be a little like the first Borderlands, it was a little bit of a let down.

The enemy AI in the game is a slight improvement, making some parts of the game more challenging for some. However, the first play-through can still be done without needing to add any points to your Skills, or even using them. All you need to do is use cover to hide from the enemy. In the second play-through, the difficulty makes a much larger jump. It turns it into a whole other game.

The storage capacity of your characters is less than in the first game, and needs to be fixed.

The drop rates of all guns, and items in BL2 are at a ridiculously low level. You may kill up to 25, or 30 enemies before anything but money drops. Rare guns, or items have been renamed Legendary. Yet, unlike in the first game, they cannot be used for nearly as many levels before they become useless. In fact, about two levels above the required level to equip them is about the max.

The story is good, and even though you cannot play as the original characters from the first game, they do make appearances.

The level cap is at 50, and as of yet (With 3 DLC and a new character release,) the level has yet to be raised.

True, there were some promises from the developer that were not delivered. Still, the game is a good one. If it was not made as a sequel to the first Borderlands game, it wouldn't have been as big a disappointment to ones that played the first one. It would have been much better as a stand alone game.

If you have not played the first Borderlands game, I recommend playing BL2 first, then playing the first one. Once you experience the drop rates, max carrying capacity, and overall game play of the first one, you will be let down by BL2.

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posted by Sinworks (EDISON, NJ) Feb 25, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

This game just kept getting better and better. The characters, the enemies, the weapons, the levels on Pandora and the gameplay are excellent. Great job!!!

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Way better than i thouht it would be!

posted by mulchlayer (GRESHAM, OR) Feb 22, 2013

Member since May 2010

I stayed away from shooter games for about 4 years.. I really didnt think they would have anything that would keep my interest but this game really took me by suprise. I played as Zero and of course most of the way through i wish i was the guy who could hold 2 guns LOL. If you can see the game the whole way through you will love leveling up and getting new abilites and guns. Really fun!

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