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Very Good

Pretty good play

posted by Anubis833 (OWENSBORO, KY) Dec 13, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first but it was pretty good. Keep in mind that I have only played as a siren in both 1 and 2.I finished main story but did not finish up every last side quest. Here are some pros and cons of what I thought.


--Good story line
--Good main villain, annoying, not funny but he tries to be and an a-hole.
--a lot of side quests
--good voice acting

--I do not like cell shading. I put up with it because its a good game.
--2's siren powers not nearly as good as 1's
--repetitive side quests. you would beat an entire "area" just to have a side quest making you go back thru it all with all respawns including "bosses"
--couldn't fly buzzards? unless I am a botard and missed something..?
--o...m...g...fracking threshers..

Overall totally worth playing whether you have played the first one or not.

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Member since May 2013

This comes from the absolute biggest fan of Borderlands 1. I can absolutely assure you not a single soul likes that game as much as I do. I have at least a year and a half logged, if not more. I still play it to this date, with randoms and friends and sometimes even alone. I would have to say the sequel is a let down to people like me. 3 major problems, in order from greatest to least... 1. The god d@mn robots are beyond annoying. Nerf them please. 2. Chests do not supply legendary weapons very often, only bosses have a decent chance of dropping something you want. 3. The side quests suck, for the most part... very much unlike the original Blands. If they fix those 3 problems, I would give this game an 8.5.

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GF Rating


You should play this game

posted by Kizer (GULFPORT, MS) Feb 22, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

i cant tell how much fun this game is and how much more fun it is to play with friends not to mention a great story lots of weapons and many side missions to do. i put this game up their with the Mass Effect series

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