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Just that great feeling.

posted by ArklightUrsids (ELBA, AL) Sep 26, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

At first I was oh, yeah its here! Then I got a bit angry. What have they done, they ruined it. Then I got over it as I explored many of the characters upsides. It is great as a single player game. If you have never tried online multiplayer you should, this will get you hooked. I liked it so much I returned the Xbox 360 game I rented after a week and bought the P.C. version, the graphics are just better and most of my friends or P.C. players.

Upside- like the improved A.I. for critters. Great art work and the attention to detail bring you back in to it like you never left.
Down side-I don't have enough hands and eyes to play BL2, PlanetSide2 and Gotham City Imposters at the same time. Kidding, the interaction of the players skills sets makes it very hard for some one not playing multiplayer on several levels. They work great in team play but solo enthusiast might feel left out to dry.

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GF Rating


Better then the 1st in every way.

posted by luckyberry (BARBOURSVILLE, WV) Sep 24, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

The 1st Borderlands was a fun albeit flawed experience-a lackluster plot even more marred by the atrocious ending, and the lack of polish in the vehicle department-and Gearbox took crticisms of these things to heart; creating a perfect game. Well no game is perfect but Borderlands 2 is pretty darn close. The story is engrossing, the vehicle combat tight and polished, the writing hilarious, the level progression rewarding, and LOOT, LOOT, LOOT! Gearbox wasn't kidding when they said there were a gazillion guns, with all feeling unique in their own respective ways. The new classes are basically upgraded versions of the previous ones. The voice acting is top notch, and the graphics are great. The main quest is ten times better with a story that will keep your attention. When the main quest is complete there are a number of side quests to complete alone or with a friend(s). Gearbox does a great job of putting a twist on the side quest formula, while they are usually the norm-kill these enemies or collection quests-the hilarious writing and scenarios will keep you playing. From assembling a tea party to solving a murder you'll find yourself laughing all the way. The enemy variety is also imroved, with a plethora of bandit types, creatures, and machines to slaughter. Kudos to Gearbox for crafting there best game to date and a sequal to an already great formula. The groundwork has been layed and if the original is any hint there will be many add-ons to extend your wonderful stay in Pandora.

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GF Rating


AMAZING i give it 20 out of 10

posted by drslump (SPRING VALLEY, CA) Sep 24, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

This game is off the hook i can Not put it Down. The art work in the game and animation are even more improved over the last game wich was awesome. The enimeys and a.i are much more improved alot more dogging and attacking. The story is great funny villan you just wanna kill you hate to love him. The core of the game has not changed explore the vast waste land looting and murdering your way through bandits and bosses. The weapon customazations amazing soooooooo MAN FREAKING GUNS! if you like shooters like halo or if you liked the first boarder lands YOu will Love This Game its a MUST HAVE

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