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GOTY Nominee

posted by ihateurmomsson Sep 29, 2012

I will make this short and sweet. I have played this game since release for over a week and it has only gotten more fun. The story is far better than the first, deeper characters, and way more area to roam. The amount of guns is ridiculous and each character is perfect in their own way. Borderlands 1 had great DLC and I assume this will as well so get excited for that. If you have any doubt about this game I say at least rent it. This game is better with coop so make sure you got some partners. Borderlands 2 gets a 10 out of 10.

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Really Bad

Borderlands 2

posted by PadreGamer (KIRKLAND, WA) Sep 28, 2012

Member since Oct 2007

It's a good game, no doubt about it. But since everybody else is praising everything that is good about it, I'm going to list here my few little complaints so Borderlands 3 is perfect:

1)- Legends and other captions (especially in the HUD/Inventory) are a bit too small and
crammed. Not everybody playing this game has a perfect 20/20 vision (i.e.: me), so a
little larger and clearer font would have been appreciated.

2)- Way too many guns with differences so small that don't really make sense. It takes too
much time to figure out which one is better, and in the process you may miss a good one
and sell or drop it.

The quest for a better gun is a great drive, but there are too few really good ones.

3)- It may be a glitch in my game, but I was forced several times to go through the same
area trying to get to a different place, so I was forced to fight the same fights over and
over. And like somebody else already pointed out, going back through a place you just
finish going through, you'll find it full of enemies all over again. Too repetitive.

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GF Rating


Game of the decade!

posted by joemungus (FEDERAL WAY, WA) Sep 28, 2012

Member since Dec 2004

Get ready for a gunfight! I LOVED the first game. This game has it all! I never thought I'd be saying a sequel was better than the original... But, it is! It took me awhile to get used to the changes they made in navigating the menus. In the end theyre better and easier to manage. This is a gamers game. The casual gamer probably wont have the skillset or experience to play this too far. This is not Grandmas game. This is a wonderfully deep and challenging game on all levels. It forces you to strategize and carefully build your character. This is a game that sucks you in for days straight. Everything works smoothly. Your death is certain. However if you plan your assaults carefully and rework your strategies you will make it thru to the next battle. Im a level 24 and I dont think I'm halfway thru the campaign. I still have a ton of side missions left undone. The loot system is amazing. I could go on about this game all day. Bottom line is so far is its the most compelling game I've ever played. I've played every major console series since 1978. Havent tried the multiplayer yet. But, by far the best campaign I've ever seen. Bring your cajones and get ready to get your murder on.

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