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Great Co-op, LOTS of things to find and do

posted by TexasRebel (PLANO, TX) Oct 4, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

When the first Borderlands came out i played it all the time, it was a new and fresh game that brought the RPG element to shooters, Borderlands 2 does not disappoint bringing more skills and weapons than ever! There are tons of new ways to level up the 4 unique characters, and countless weapons to deck them out with.
Graphics still retain the comic book type feel to them, looks good and feels smooth.
I've never personally experienced any glitches, it lags at some points when im online playing with 4 people but other than that it runs smooth.
Story i felt was a little short, along with doing some of the side quests i still finished it in less than 10 hours. True Vault Hunter mode feeds my hunger for a more challenging experience and now that im capped at level 50, finding legendary weapons is the most satisfying thing i have done in the game yet. Great if your looking for a game to keep you drawn in, and with 4 DLC's coming out over the next year there looks to be much more coming to the lands of Pandora.
Great game, too much to do by renting it, i had to buy this game and i don't usually like to purchase new games that come out.

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posted by SR3_Fanboy99 (ROCKY MOUNT, NC) Oct 3, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

BL2 is honestly one of the funnest games ive player it does'nt pack a hhuge punch its packing huge azz RPG's it is as saticifing as it gets when its coming to shoot that guy and hey melee that guy now BLOW THAT SUCKER to kingdomkung.However if you are more of a steathly person then Do NOT buy this game even though they have an assasin person in the game do not expect any walk-up-behind-a-guy-and-put-my-sword-through-his-chest kind of game if you try to crouch behind a guy he will somehow know you are there and youll be stuck out of cover and be Screwed dont be that Guy. the stealth class is still fun to use i mean you can use deception and go up behind someone and put your sword up their Azz But uh Yeah

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posted by Coastie222 (SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA) Oct 2, 2012

Member since Nov 2008

Game follows the first and took everything that was amazing with that one and added amazingness too it. u can run over money and ammo and it auto picks up, lots of different guns, and still has all the funny as hel.l comments. great game that must be at least tryed.

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