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Bigger and Better

posted by CrkdWookie (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Dec 31, 2012

Member since Sep 2010

If you like Borderlands, you're going to love Borderlands 2, period. It's bigger, it's crazier, the writing is better, it's got an actual story, and the guns - oh, the guns.

Not a whole lot else I can say. It's Borderlands but bigger, better, and more polished. The entire interface has been revamped and you'll have a hard time going back.

My biggest complaint is a very minor one; the main characters are still badly underwritten, being reduced to quips and one-liners and a handful of journals you can find that flesh out their back stories a bit.

The game introduces a terrific villain who ties everything together and antagonizes you at every turn, but in a lot of ways the characters from the FIRST Borderlands are really the main characters. They're the ones that get fleshed out, they're the ones who get all the big dramatic story beats and are deep, rounded characters and not just a collection of one-liners, and they kind of take over the story as it progresses.

So the story is fun, the writing is terrific, but the new characters wind up feeling a bit like you're a featured extra in the background of someone else's story. Hopefully in #3 Gearbox figures out how to flesh out the characters you're actually playing, and not just the previous characters who show up as NPCs and increasingly insert themselves into the plot.

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posted by blubzblub (ETNA, OH) Dec 27, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

i love borderlands BOTH OF THEM! holy cow game play is awesome you'll always be busy wether your playing by your self or online.i love the enemy's new or old. it's a have to get game. I just personally love it..and on occasion hate it..but in the end it's really fun.

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Not Bad, But Not Great

posted by BenOxford (TULSA, OK) Dec 25, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I never played the first game, but thought I would give this a shot, because I gravitate to first person shooters. It was ok. It starts out a little slow, but picks up quickly. The graphics are great, and the game certainly has detail. I appreciate the little things, so this game definitely gets high marks in that department.

However, the gameplay quickly became repetitive and slightly boring, and I think I know why. The respawn point for a saved game is way too far back, forcing you to fight your way back to where you left off. Sure, there are temporary spawn points as you go along, but these are not saved when you turn off your machine. So, everytime I sit down to play this game, I spend half the time trying to get back to where I left off the day before. It's annoying, but more importantly, it makes the game feel repetitive, because it is.

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