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GF Rating


typical high hype and low value

posted by darkabk (CONCORD, CA) Mar 12, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

As for the first game, I will always play a game before i make my opinion, and like the first it was well below my standards.

First off the billions of guns that are strewn throughout this game and only 5% are any good. (not talking about the legendary weapons) everything else is junk. the stats system that gearbox uses is a joke and the excess that are picked up are sold for money that has little to no value.
I played this game solo up until level 30 without any glitches, mods, or cheats. I was surprised i lasted that long wading through the mounds and mounds of bullet sponge enemies that respawn after 20 minutes.

snipers are usless when all enemies spawn after triggered from close range, humor is forced in almost every aspect, easter eggs feel like they are just trying to connect the older (18-30) crowd, weapons are unbalanced, boss fights are ridiculous, mulitplayer online is packed with more modders and cheats than black ops 2.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Couldn't get into it

posted by Metoo999 (NEW YORK, NY) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Aug 2007

I tried it for a couple of days and kept wishing I was playing something else. It plays well and has some good shooting and mechanics. The whole thing feels like an empty shell though. They try to pretty it up with the graphics and humor, but there's no soul there.

The whole thing feels like it's aimed at 13 year-olds. There's even a Cortana-like AI who just stares at you like you're the best thing ever. She talks, but her mouth doesn't move with her dialogue. The rest of the characters sound like a bunch of Internet trolls repeating memes over and over. I couldn't imagine playing through another 20 hours of Handsome Jack's lame jokes.

At least with games like Fallout 3 & New Vegas you get interesting backstories, characters, and dialogue. This game has the feeling of the flimsiest and characters story slapped on afterwards.

If you like repetitive shoot & loot games some minor humor, I guess you'll enjoy this.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good game but and Bad Game

posted by Arman10 (OAKLAND, CA) Mar 2, 2013

Member since Mar 2010

Never played to much of Borderlands 1 but I have gotten into number 2. I must say that in the beginning man this game will have you hooked! I had a lot of fun playing with friends and Gearbox has a way to bring you back to the game via shift codes and well placed DLCs.
Comic books a fantastic art book I mean what else can I say?

The Bad:
Ok Zero could have been so much better but they feel well short.
The is really only one story and I do not think it is that great to warrant me running through the same lands over and over again #boring
After level 50 what is really the point?
Even if they add a level cap after you eventually your just running around like a super soldier #boring
Opening up locker after locker after locker #boring

The Ugly
It is good to very good but could have been so much better
After you get a certain amount of weapons it is so what it is not like you can take it with you are even port to another game? When this game is done it is done!

This is an action RPG so this game is long but don't look at it critically cause if you do this game will be back in mail in no time. It adds a nice amount of challenge when playing with folks or even solo. And I guess it is all about the GUNS but you do not need legendary weapons to get the upper hand once your skill tree is maxed out you have the advantage especially as the Commando.

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