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Challenging but gets very booring after a while

posted by TheIceman (HANOVER, PA) Jul 3, 2008

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I picked up this game because everyone at Gamestop said it was so great. Every person I had talked to said how great of a game it was. So against all my will I went out on a lim and purchased it. Got it home, opened the package, tossed it in the wii. Low and behold one of the main reasons I picked it up was the create your own level. I was excited to hear this. But once I actually found out that I could do this, but really no one but my friends could try it. I was very disappointed. How in the world can you make a create a level and not let the masses share levels? What a let down. Then I dove into the main game. At first I was kinda underwhelmed. But after 15 mins or so of seeing how challenging it is, I started enjoying the game. I did not like the fact that there are only a set few of one player levels. So after I got gold in them all I was forced to play the story mode. This is very silly. When you win levels instead of giving you more puzzles in the main game, they give you more pieces to use in the lame create mode. Also the music is just annoying. If you dont have someone else with you to play the music may put you to sleep. So over all I would honestly say this is a rent only. I just don't get the hype about it. Yes it's a cool puzzle game. But I would rather invest my cash in something else.

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Very Good

Are these "Blox" more fun than Legos? Maybe.

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 15, 2008

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BOOM BLOX is about blocks that go boom - sort of.
This is a puzzle game with several different puzzles.
One type of puzzle is where players manipulate blocks that are in one or more large stacks using a grabbing device, a baseball, or a laser.
Depending on the puzzle, you have to either demolish all of the blocks, or some of the blocks.
Another puzzle has you hitting bad guys with a gun, baseball or other projectiles.
The best part of BOOM BLOX is taking out that one block of a structure, and watching the remaining blocks go all over the place. Destroying stuff never felt so good. It feels even better with multiple players.
You can even create your own structures for you and your friends to demolish as well. There's a wide variation of blocks at your disposal.
But the shooting parts of the game aren't as much fun, and constantly throwing baseballs to stop a hoard of bad guys will give you a bad elbow.
Also, manipulating the camera with the B button felt clunky.
But despite that, BOOM BLOX is a lot of fun and shouldn't be passed up.

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bloom blox not to good

posted by york78 (FORT LAUDERDALE, FL) Jun 23, 2008

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i thought it was creative and the story was good with the baas and ooxies but it was dum tearing down blocks I'm still young I'm only 13 maybe you should not take my word for it

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