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Very Good

Simple to pick up - Sometimes tricky to master

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) May 18, 2008

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Boom Blox is an interesting combination of elements culled from Jenga, Tetris, sideshow "knock down the cans" and an old old table game called KerPlunk. At first sight it easy to blow this one off as a simplistic cartoon block game but it does have some depth.

Many people can breeze through with enough to pass the first run through the diffent types of game.... but if you aspire to scoring Gold on every level then you may be scratching your head a little and stamping your foot when your theory doesn't quite work out the way you thought it should.

Basic premise - chuck a ball at an arrangement of blocks and make them fall down. Control delivery is very similar to throwing a fastball in the baseball games. Targeting is simple point and click to lock but the ball will drop with gravity if you throw at a further away point and this has to be adjusted for. The real fun starts as the blocks behave very differently depending on where you hit them and you can rotate around the puzzle to decide from which viewpoint to launch the ball.

Some games also have you removing blocks with the Wiimote a la Jenga and this can be waaay trickier than you might think.

Hit in the middle most blocks whizz out without disturbing much else but hit at either end or on a corner and you can begin to deliver the chain reactions that are essential to high score the game.

Figuring out the best point to start is often crucial and the most frustrating part but it is more entertaining than you might think.

Problems? - throwing soft shots is pretty difficult with any reliability and sometimes despite aiming the target at one block you will find yourself clipping one in front and to the side of it - this is probably the games biggest drawback.

Overall if you like puzzle games or anything a little off the wall you will probably like it a lot and keep it. If you will try anything once rent it and have some fun for a bit. Action addict? - don't bother even trying it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Something different something fun!

posted by dominoscr (ORLANDO, FL) May 26, 2008

Member since Oct 2005

14 out of 15 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

Boom Blox is a very interesting amalgamation of mini games that utilize the unique Wii control scheme. This game is perfect for rentals as it is very entertaining for a short period of time. The games are varied and fun especially when playing with friends. Try it out if for nothing else than to see some of the possibilities of the Wii control scheme.

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GF Rating


Highly entertaining, great for Wii, Party Game

posted by ajwall (BRONXVILLE, NY) May 7, 2009

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Great use of the Wii controller - You actually feel as though you are knocking down blocks with baseballs, pulling blocks out of Jenga stacks, shooting boxes, and really satisfying explosions and generally distruction.
Party Game - The 2 player mode is excellent, and allows cooperation, competition of a combination of the two two. This game will entertain 2 people together for a long time.
Appeals to Men and Women - A lot of girls are turned off or bored by shooter games, or games with sci-fi themes, but they love the cute theme of Boom Blox, and find it highly entertaining.
Well-Programmed - There are very few glitches in the game.
Many Levels - There are many ways of playing this game, such that you feel as though you have both a "winnable" game, and a sandbox with infinite replayability.

This game is second only to Mario Kart Wii in terms of replayable fun and entertaining groups of people.

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