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Very Good

Boom Blox: Great at Parties

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 1, 2009

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The blocky characters from the original have returned in Boom Blox: Bash Party. For those of you who haven't played the original, here's what's going on:
You are shown a structure and are asked to either blow it up, pull off certain blocks while leaving others alone or get as many gems off of the structure as possible. Your weapons vary from a slingshot to a grabbing hand to a cannon.
There are special blocks on some levels that will help you out. Explosive and Chemical blocks blow up when they hit (chemical blocks need to touch each other to do that.)
You get the same fun in this game as the original, but more of it, and a wider variety of new blocks
The new blocks include a virial block that spreads a virus throughout the structure, decimating it. But it takes a few tries to understand how they work.
The Solo Player Mode is tougher here than in the original; the makers of this game put in a monitary system that helps you if you get stuck. You get past a solo or multiplayer level, and you get a bunch of phoney cash. You spend a certain amount of that cash to open up a level or a series of levels. This may turn off the purists.
One problem I had was some of the levels, namely keeping the aliens from taking the gems through a tractor beam. I found them more frustrating than fun.
But the multiplayer makes up for the few trouble spots in this game. Up to four players off line can go against each other to team up to destroy structures. This is where the franchise is at its best.
With the option to play many new levels on line and the ability to create your own levels for single or multiplayer mode, this game has a long shelf life.
Boom Blox: Bash Party proves the addage "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." It's a party just waiting to happen. BUY IT.

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TRY IT!!!!!

posted by SkelaTron (VACAVILLE, CA) Jul 30, 2009

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I have never heard of this game and didn't really know what to expect. But when I played it I was like wow this is so much fun!! Best way to describe it is... it's like Jenga kind of but instead of always pulling block you get to shoot them or blow them up etc. Definitly a fun game to just pick up and play a little if you want but you will probably get stuck there for a few hours like me trying to figure out how to beat each level. Easy controls but takes some thought on how to make things fall the right way to collapse the structure in the least amount of turns. Hope this helped?

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Very Good Puzzle Game

posted by lemonball (CHARLESTON, SC) May 29, 2009

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This is an excellent sequel and deserves praise.

-fun to play
-smooth controls
-good background graphics
-variety of tools and/or levels

-didn't addict and/or obsess me like a puzzle game should

My score? About a 9.95.

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