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Bond 007: Quantum of Solace

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bond 007quantum of solace

posted by taylorlunc (THOMPSONS STATION, TN) Sep 10, 2009

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this game was great. It was one of the best james bond games i have ever played.i recamened that you rent or buy it!

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Best game since resident evil 4

posted by louie77 (WETMORE, CO) Dec 1, 2008

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I think this game is the best game on the wii since resident evil 4. Controls work well and the graphics are good. Lots of good weapons and lots of people to shoot. My only complaint... I wish it was bloodier.

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Above Average

I still don't know what Quantum of Solace means

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Nov 19, 2008

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When it comes to James Bond games, there are the really good (Goldeneye) and the barely passable (Goldeneye: Rogue Agent). Quantum of Solace falls somewhere in the middle.
First, let's talk about the good parts. The game moves along at a brisk pace with plenty of shootouts to enjoy. The cover system in this game deserves the most credit. You can easily hug a wall, shoot down a hallway, move to the other side of the doorway and dash down the hallway to another cover area. And you'll need to cover in this game or you'll likely get an unwanted increase of lead in your diet.
You also get pretty good voice acting. The score overall is distinctively Bond but never feels overpowering.
Now the bad news. Technically, you will experience lagging frame rate, sometimes stopping all together for a few seconds, which is a big problem in any shooter. And there are some cheap sections in the game, where you'll end up walking in on a bunch of enemies you'd never be able to see or get tagged from behind after thinking you cleared everyone out.
While graphics are serviceable, some of the backdrops don't even look last generation. And the cut scenes are a big disappointment. They primarily take place on some kind of computer screen with images of the people speaking. Instead of watching a cut scene of Bond parachuting into enemy territory, you get a blip on a radar screen with someone saying "That's Bond!" Well, why not just show me, Activision? And the story feels a bit disjointed. You seem to alternate between this movie and pieces of Casino Royale. Moreover, I found that it simply skipped from one action scene to another with little explanation.
While not a great game, it is serviceable. Considering it's based on a movie, that's pretty good. It can't reach the lofty heights of Goldeneye, but it's worth a run-through for fans of the series.

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