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Bond 007: Quantum of Solace

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Also on:DS, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3
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"Quantum of" Skidishness

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 6, 2008

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Quantum of Solace isn't just about the latest James Bond film; this game covers Casino Royal, too.
But when it comes to light gun games, not many players are interested in the story - and indeed, the game play and cut scenes don't relate much to each other.
What players are looking for is the joy of shooting the bad guys over several levels.
Here, Quantum of Solace works well - the lock on system finds many enemies with the push of a button, the shooting from behind a barrier is done well (considering this is the first time I've seen this feature for the Wii console).
But, there are glitches - sometimes the lock on locks on to an object when I wanted to lock onto a person. Sometimes it locks onto nothing at all.
Another problem is the controls get very jerky at the worst times - when I'm taking on several enemies at once. The makers of this game haven't quiet calibrated the Wiimote.
And the path from point A to point B can get very tricky and tiresome - prompts can be missed and ledges that Bond can shimmy across can be overlooked.
Still, Quantum of Solace gives a lot of gunning action, and to repeat myself, that's what a lot of players of this genre are looking for.
Rent Quantum of Solace and give it a try for yourself.

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Good while it lasted

posted by bananarama (BLUE SPRINGS, MO) Nov 13, 2008

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It was a fun game. easier then it looks! i had it for 3 days and beat it already!! It was really fun and you can play it on different levels after u beat it. Bad part is when u play multiplayer u cant add any computer players and when you play online u cant play 2 players!! That really dissapointed me because i wanted to play on my boyfriends team not against him cuz he always beats me!!

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Good game but annoying controls

posted by oathar (COLUMBIA, SC) Nov 26, 2008

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This game could of been on my top 10 list of games to play, but the controls were just to annoying. Most of the time I was fighting with the camera to not turn to the right. If I aim at a guy poking out of the corner, my hear and whole screen turns to look at this person, and I loose my aim. They need to use the easy system ps2 and ps3 uses for 3d shooters that the left hand controls the head and the right hand controls the gun, not the right hand controls both.

Also the jump and duck button is the same button. This is annoying when jumping roof tops. It made me not want to play the game.

The game story line and action was good, and I really wanted to play threw this game, but the terrible controls make it hard to enjoy the good parts of the game.

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