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Very Good

Bomberman's Revenge

posted by koolkittie (WARRENVILLE, IL) Dec 24, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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After a cruddy Konami-influenced romp, Bomberman is back. His old style has returned. No longer is he a robotice Master Chief/Samus Aran hybrid. No longer may we endure the pain known as health bars and third person. No longer shall dying once end your game. Acompanied by the Turbograf-X classic BOmberman '93 on Wii's VC, the bomb is back.

Bomberman Land Touch contains two modes. The theme park mode offers a minigame RPG-type thing. While the Battle Pack mode gives the classic junk you'll play 96.3% of the time.

Theme park mode, or story mode, has you going to an island of minigames. These minigames are fun, but the dificulty is waaaaaaay off. One minute I'm wreakin' havok on an easy minigames. Then the next I'm suffering on the games. Most games are fun, however. Though touch minigames are a little too 2004 for me. However Bomberman has always been "in the past", so I'm happy about it.

Now, being in the past is why you want this game. This game builds off last year's BOmberman DS with wi-fi.

Honestly, this might be one of the smartest moves of the year. The internet play has four bots pitted against four comps. No teams. Free-for-all. The clever revenge feature keeps you in the game even when you're out. The many courses, in contrast to Act Zero's single course, is wonderful. Not only that, but Bomberman Battle Pak has a longer future than most Nintendo WFC games.

WhY? Future installments. You see, the Battle PAck mode will appear in whatever future DS bombermans made. So Bomberman Power Math and Bomberman Super Kart won't suck after all.

The game's cheery visuals and music don't show off harware capabilities, nor do you puke at sight of them. They're cute and happy, and fitting Bomberman a million times more than Act Zero's freakish presentation.

My only real complaint is none of the weirdo powerups found in Bomberman DS. (Power Bomb, Detonate.) Bomberman Land Touch, however, sshows that Bomberman doesn't bomb.

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GF Rating


Not so great.

posted by Strongbad1 (ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL) Aug 24, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

There are two modes but only one is really that playable, and it's not even the main game mode! Although there is Wi-Fi battles, NO ONE IS ON ANYMORE!!!! If people were still playing this game on Wi-Fi, I would recommend it right away, but no one is. Therefore I give it a 5/10.

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