Rent Bomberman Land Touch! 2 for DS
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Bomberman Land Touch! 2

Not Rentable
GF Rating

83 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Bomberman Land Touch! 2
Control Pad
Choose Menu Options. Move Character. Operate Revenge Cart.
A Button
Select Menu Settings. Set Bombs (During Battle). Pick Up and Throw Bombs with Power Glove. Throw Bombs (During Revenge).
B Button
Cancel Menu. Stop Kicked Bombs with Bomb Kick Ability (During Battle). Hold to Move Revenge Cart Quickly (During Battle).
X Button
Change Between Pages When Selecting Battle Settings. Toggles Player Names (During Battle).
Y Button
Activate Screaming Sound Effect (During Battle)
L Button
Activate Booing Sound Effect (During Battle)
R Button
Activate Clapping Sound Effect (During Battle)
Select Battle Mode. Pause Menu.