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Short and boring

posted by Kyt000 (LOUISVILLE, KY) Sep 24, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

If you like the old school bomberman, this edition will most likely leave you disappointed and unsatisfied.

The camera controls are weird to get used to at first. There is no camera lock, so you always have to turn manually. There is no control over the height angle though, and this causes a problem on some stages where there are tight corridors with high walls. There is a zoom function, that's pretty useless; all the way in, just lets you get closer to the particularly bland textures, and all the way out, just isn't far enough away.

The story is lacking, and you can't skip the mildly bad voice acting. There's a little girl on the ship who is in need of an attitude adjustment. White bomber's (bomberman er well girl or prepubescent boy) voice is very high pitched, so don't turn the volume up too high when playing.

Multiplayer mode is the only place you can play in the classic style, over head fixed camera view. Good times with some friends or against the CPU, though it does tend to get monotonous fairly quickly.

All in all, I feel its below average. Hardly entertaining, the puzzles are hardly that. Very easy to play. Have some fun with your kids. Just don't expect anything too fancy. A few cartoon cut scenes. Took me about 10hrs to beat, and you only win an unfulfilled boredom.

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