Rent Bomberman Generation for GC
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Bomberman Generation


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Gameplay Controls

Bomberman Generation

Control Stick Control Bomberman/Select Items
Control Pad Change Camera Viewpoint/Select Items
A Button Setup and Use Bombs/Bomb Actions/Confirm Selected Items
B Button Use Charabom Special Abilities/Cancel
X Button Switch Between Attribute Bombs and Charaboms Selection Screens/Use with A Button for Bomb Barrier
Y Button Use Charabom Special Abilities
Z Button Display Charabom and Attribute Bomb Selection Screens
L Button Rotate Map Left
R Button Rotate Map Right
C Stick Change Attribute Bombs or Charaboms
Start/Pause Display Pause Menu

Control Stick Move Bomberman/ Select Items
Control Pad Move Bomberman/ Select Items
A Button Set Up Bombs
B Button Move Faster (Revenge Battle Game)
X Button Thrust Bombs Away
Y Button Stop Kicked Bombs
L Button Set Up Items
R Button Stop Kicked Bombs
C Stick Change Viewpoint (Before Battle Begins)
Start/Pause Pause/Change Stages/Return to Title Screen