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posted by jaybig22 (LINDENHURST, NY) Oct 20, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

bodycount was aight ... scale it at an average 7.5..simply because even on easy i took me some time to shoot them elite congo, and space soliders. concept was nice...also game could have been slightly longer...overall 7.0....7.5...

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Really Bad

what were they thinkin

posted by venom96 (LEANDER, TX) Oct 13, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

this game is just plan wiered. the gun controls are moronic, graphics are terrible, i mean theres not one good aspect of this game

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Had Promise

posted by snapfishes (ANCHORAGE, AK) Sep 27, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

Bodycount had the allure of a well crafted game.

To some lengths it was pretty solid, but the short comings left me in a limbo. Can I finish this or not.

I ended up not finishing the campaign. The unbalance of weapons and almost complete arcade styling just did not sit well with me.

Also somehow through the mining area I blasted right through with the overly accurate silenced pistol compared to the sluggish smg and assault rifle from before.

But that is besides the point of what really killed it for me.
The fact that aiming down the sights meant I would stop dead on the spot and haphazardly squirm. It was if I was poorly reenacting a bullet time scene from the matrix. I usually found myself face up. How this game mechanic was skipped out on and replaced with this has truly puzzled me.

I could only imagine the multiplayer being quiet boring and frustrating. Half the players standing stationary to try to pull of clean shots with these inaccurate weapons and those overly skilled with this aiming mechanic.

On a positive note this game finally stepped up on the look, feel and sound of your weapons. To that degree I feel that really increased the depth of realism to them.

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