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Very Good


posted by Wolfdogx75 (WOBURN, MA) Jun 28, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

9 out of 11 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

The game is pretty cool. It really is like a big boy version of Mario Kart (although it still pales as a party game. Mario and the gang still hold that title.) There are a lot of nice cars in the game, but if you know anything about cars, you'll soon find that the stats aren't realistic. No matter, the game is full of action and there is a lot to do. The graphics are great, as well. It's not glitchy or anything. I wouldn't buy this game, but it's definitely worth the rent.

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GF Rating


Oh yea

posted by MikeW74 (BELTON, MO) Aug 5, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Wow, I was so impressed by this game. Its like Super Mario Kart on steroids. The different cars and mods allow you to tune your driving experience to give you an edge. You will be racing against the same car as you so that pushes you to drive your best. This game is must buy or rental.Tthe online play is just sick.

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Extreme fun, if given a chance

posted by tronsta (ROSELLE, NJ) May 29, 2010

Member since Nov 2007

18 out of 24 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

If you played the demo and loved it, then stop reading and buy the game.

If you played the demo and hated it, then don't waste your time.

If you didn't play the demo, or you thought it was meh, then continue...

In a long line of vehicular battle games, Blur is one of the best. To put it simply, the control, multiplayer, level up progression, in-race power ups, and game modes all combine into a fantastically fun experience. While different modes bring a slightly different taste to things, for the most part the game revolves around driving around tracks and blasting everyone in your way, trying to get to the finish line first.

Here's the good first:

1) Deep tactical gameplay due mainly by a) Excellent car balancing, b) Fantastic power-ups, c) Additional pre-race power ups (known as mods) that further add to your abilities.
2) Seamless online experience.
3) Level-up system adds lots of reasons to keep on playing, as well as trying different game modes and cars.
4) Team racing is great!
5) Game is just all in all fun, especially with friends.

Here's the not so good:

1) Single player, while fun at first, is a bit annoying after a while and doesn't have much bearing on your multiplayer experience, other than giving you a little practice. Online is where it is at.
2) GFX are just ok, not the greatest.
3) A decent learning curve in the beginning, which is worse if you aren't really into driving games. Stay away from larger races until you are comfy with the power ups!
4) Do NOT play if you are prone to game rage. You will get pwnd often, but then again, it's no different from any other online enabled competitive game.

I don't give 10's out often, but I had to for this one. Aside from what I've already said, there's quite a bit that simply can't translate into words. It is DEFINITELY worth your time to rent, and you might find it worth it to buy it.

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