Rent Blur for PS3
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Earning "A Fast One" Trophy

To earn "A Fast One", you must defeat Shannon a second time to complete the game. One of the Demands for unlocking this Rival race is "Stay above 120 MPH for an entire lap", which sounds more intimidating than it is. While you do have to stay at 120 MPH and above for a whole lap (the game will start counting the lap at the point you reach 120 MPH), you do NOT have to finish the race. Pick either Ayumi or Harumi's car for the SanFran Sausalito race and allow the pack to get a safe distance from you, because they won't hesitate to shoot at you and slow you down if you're around any of them. Collect as many Nitros as possible to maintain a high speed and once the pack is far enough away from you, go as quickly as possible without stopping or slowing down. You should be able to maintain 120 MPH for the whole lap. Once the pop-up appears at the bottom of the screen informing you of your success, simply exit the race from the pause menu. You will be credited for the Demand. The other demands are simple enough to complete and Shannon's second race is no more difficult than any other Rival battle. Once you beat Shannon again, you'll score the Trophy.