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posted by dondiego (BRONX, NY) Sep 17, 2006

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This game is "OK". I like the game play system in this game but being that it's context sensitive, you sometimes end up doing things you don't want to. The game also looks alright but it's passable but it's kind of slow and a lot of things just seem out of place for a vampire game. Other than all that it does alright. it's not bad , but it's not that good either.

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Above Average


posted by StartAWar (LOMPOC, CA) Jun 26, 2006

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This game was decent at best . It had some decent visual effect . Great controls they were easy to learn and easy to use . The camera was good not to many bad angels for a situation . Great game play and thats about all i have to say.

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Very Good

Really bloody and the gameplay is really fun!

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Jun 2, 2006

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GAMPLAY: One of the firts things youll notice about Bloodrayne is that its REALLY bloody!! It has some really cool gamplay aspects to it though. U get life by sucking blood out of enemies and while doing so, u can spin and shoot enemies coming at u so that they dont knowck u off. There arent too many combos to get but there are TONS and TONS of weapons that are really cool! U get anything from pistols to missle launchers and shotguns! Its alos really cool to get the slow motion cheat and watch your enemies die with all this blood gushing out and whatnot..... yeah i know... im a sick person.
STORY: The story in Bloodrayne is pretty good but ive seen better vampire stories than this. Your a member of an agancy that kills vampires called Brimstone. You yourself are a vampire but a good vampire who was raised by Brimstone to be good and help others. Some german guy is trying to take some artifact that will give him god-like powers. Nothing really new, but it does have some cool twists to it though.
GRAPHICS & DESIGN: The graphics in Bloodrayne are pretty good to say the least. The detail in stuff looks pretty good. The design in the levels though can get pretty repetetive. EVERY environment is dark and it gets kinda old after awhile. Youll go from dark buildings to dark caves.. and nothing ever seems to change.
OVERALL: Nice gamplay, an OK story and some good graphics make this a game that id consider you rent but not buy!

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