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Also on:PS2, Xbox
GF Rating

164 ratings

Gameplay Controls


Control Stick Move
Control Pad Normal vision (up)/Dilated perception (down)/Aura sense (left)/Extruded view (right)
A Button Jump/Confirm menu choices
B Button Harpoon/Bite/Go back to previous screen
X Button 180 degree turn
Y Button Blood Rage
Z Button Scroll weapons forward
L Button Perform Blade Attack or other action when no enemies are around
R Button Fire weapon or throw grenade (tap)
C Stick Camera Move/Rotate camera ip (double tap)/Reset to default camera angle (press)
Combo #1 Rebound Kick: Press A Button while in mid-air
Combo #2 Long-Range Harpoon Strike: Tap B Button
Combo #3 Capture Enemy with Harpoon: Hold B Button when harpoon strikes enemy