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BloodRayne 2


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Gameplay Controls

BloodRayne 2

GamePlay: Check the Moves List in the Pause Menu to learn all of Rayne's controls.

Directional Buttons Left = Activate Aura Vision. Left Twice = Ghost Feed. Right = Dilated Perception. Right Twice = Super Speed. Up = Blood Rage. Up Twice = Blood Fury.
X Button Jump (With Direction). Somersault (Tap Again in Mid-Air). Climb Fence (With Direction Toward Surface, Tap X Button Repeatedly). Evasive Maneuvers (With L1). Swing up to the Top of a Pole (Use Left Analog Stick to Maneuver on Poles). Slide Down Railing. Dismount Victim When Feeding and Kick Aside.
Triangle Button Feed on Enemy. Fatality Moves (Press Again When Feeding). Launch Harpoon.
Square Button Blade Attack. Finishing Slash (When Enemy is on Ground)
Circle Button Kick. Heel Grind (When Enemy is on Ground).
L2 Button Change Targets (With Target Lock Pressed)
L1 Button Target Lock. Block (Press and Hold).
R2 Button Change Firing Mode
R1 Button Fire Guns
Start Button Pause
Select Button Access Objectives
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Walk/Run. Pull Harpooned Enemy or Object any Direction.
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Camera Control