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Blood and Chocolate


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GF Rating

32 ratings

Movie Details

Terror/Violence, Some Sexuality and Substance Abuse

Movie Description

With a title like Blood and Chocolate, you'd think this might be a fancy European art film. And, given its star-crossed-lovers storyline, Blood and Chocolate just might be - if those lovers weren't werewolves. As a child, werewolf Vivian Gandillion (Agnes Bruckner) witnessed her family get slaughtered. Now, ten years later, she lives in Bucharest in a secret circle of fellow werewolves, hunting in a pack with the rising of each full moon. Vivian is destined to be the next bride of Gabriel (Olivier Martinez), the leader of her pack. When she meets Aiden (Hugh Dancy), the connection is undeniable. But her romantic fate has already been sealed, and the hunt is coming. With her pack hungry to hunt Aiden, Vivian is torn between love and instinct in this monster thriller.

Specs & Requirements

Length 98

Director Katja von Garnier

Theatrical Release Date 2007

Screen Format 1.78:1

Languages English, French

Subtitles French, English, Spanish