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Really Disappionting

posted by BruceF (BENTONVILLE, AR) Nov 27, 2010

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I guess I expected too much from this game considering it's 2010 and this is Xbox 360 we are talking about. I really didn't think I would be playing another Mario Karts clone with an added twist of zombies running around damaging your vehicle. Instead of being cool, the zombies got more annoying as the game went on. Very much like the bees in 80's arcade classics 720 and Paperboy. Not much new in this game and the achievements are rubbish. Why would I want to play through the cup levels with every character?

Overall it's a rental and good for a couple of hours of gameplay before advanced boredom sets in. I'm glad I'm not a game completionist any longer or I would be really annoyed at the repetition.

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I wanted so much to like this game...

posted by Ineedsleep (SAINT PETERSBURG, FL) Nov 20, 2010

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On paper this game was so promising, run over zombies with madmax type cars with upgrades, ect.. I ready the bad reviews but didn't want to believe them. I rented this to try and give it a honest go. Well let's just say the reviews were true. The game isn't horrible but it's just not that fun to play. I think this should should have been available as a downoad on XBL for like 800 points rather then make it a full retail release.

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Above Average

Is this the new Carmageddon?

posted by zombiemike (UNIVERSAL CITY, TX) Nov 5, 2010

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No. Not really. It could have been but there is too many design flaws to make this game fun. Carmageddon wasn't perfect by any stretch, but if you were to take a game like that and compare it to this there is a level of charm that game still maintains to this day.

Blood Drive is a series of mini modes packed together to make a much larger game. The modes are: Checkpoint race, kill the opponents, kill the most zombies, kill the most zombies and opponents, and capture the flag. Before each match starts you pick a basic load out of power ups which can either benefit you or completely screw you over. Characters are vastly unbalanced. There is only about 8 characters (vehicles) to choose from anyway and none are particularly appealing, instead the player will resort to picking a character based upon stats, in which two of the character have virtually the same stats.

When the player finally gets into the game at first its enticing and exciting. The game is presented very straight forward ("Smash all the zombies!") Unfortunetly the more zombies you kill the more blood splatters on your screen so you can't see where your going. Ontop of that layers of pop ups burst across the screen so as your driving a massive arrow will fill up the center of the the top middle screen, Your combo of zombie kills the left half of the screen, your weapon fills the top left with your health. The HUD is absolutely horrendous, it completely blocks out your view of the game and the player has no option to change this. Being unable to see where your going in a driving game is completely unacceptable.

The game isn't difficult at all either. The game is made difficult because between the amount of things displayed on the screen and the amount of blood on the screen makes it impossible.

This game is worth a rent if your into Twisted Metal, Roadkill, or vigilante 8 style car combat video games. Unfortunately this game hasn't evolved past a 5th generation console design style.

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