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Blood Bowl


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Very Good

Decent game but misunderstood

posted by GamerJB (JEANNETTE, PA) Feb 12, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

31 out of 36 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

First off I'd like to say, if you are familar with Sega's Mutant League Football and are expecting that style of gameplay from Blood Bowl you will be very disappointed. Blood Bowl offers a nice board game feel much like it's table-top predecessor. It plays close to a football style game but you throw dice in the mix making it more a strategy game then a sports game. It does however offer a "Blitz" style game but with it come clunky controls, slow gameplay, and lots of frustration so just stick with the classic style. This game isn't much on eye candy and isn't without flaws such as it doesn't tell you information that could be a little more conveyed rather then kept very subtle. The feel of the game is nice such as the announcers that add a quirky tone but still fit the game's theme. All said, if your looking for a good action sports game your not gonna find it here, but if you want a great strategy game or simply you like the Games Workshop version then give this game a shot.

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This Game Gets a 10 for Fun

posted by ComfySafe (MISSION, TX) Feb 12, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

13 out of 16 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

First of all this game is for turn based strategy gamers. These guys did a so so job porting the PC version of this game and because of that they lose a point to give it a 9. I'm hooked on this game. That is because, I do not care about next gen graphics or music games. I only care about fun. I have lots of fun playing through the seasons and leveling my players. Each player level up has a chance to level up in skills and attribute points different from the other players of even the same kind. That leads to teams of varying skills and abilites and best of all the game has a way of keeping balance so that not one team is ever too strong to beat. The game does a great job of making each race diverse enough to want to play with them all and against them. Goblins are sneaky. Elves are fast. Orcs are strong. Dwarves are tough. Humans are diverse. Chaos are even weirder. Lizardmen and Skaven seem to be agile and tricky. This all leads to games where you just never know how it's going to turn out. Nothing beats the feeling of bashing the opponents star player out of the field, killing him with an injury and knowing your opponents will never see him again. If you are a fan of strategy, a fan of Warhammer, or a fan of any fantasy based RPG's, Blood Bowl is a must play. Of course the only thing is, if you can get this on PC, it is better on there.

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Great...if you played WarHammer

posted by DMcDoom (TINLEY PARK, IL) Feb 15, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

8 out of 10 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Blood Bowl does a great job of appealing to the "old school" gamers who played the table top version of the game but will do little to appease those who have never played but just wished to see Orcs play football against a team of Wood Elves.

This game is a great deal of fun in both it's turn-by-turn basis and its real-time functions though the online following is relatively dead. I have an easier time getting a match going on Halo 1 with only XBox friends than finding an opponent who isn't either totally unaware of the game or has spent hours and hours honing his virtual team to match his unbeatable table top equivalent.

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