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Blitz: The League II

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posted by rockers102 (GRAND ISLAND, NE) Oct 4, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

i couldnt really understand this game because you had to do complicated things like putting a bone back in place and giving ashot to there ribs, but the good thing was the blood,gore,and the bone disconnecting was pretty cool i have not played first one thats maybe be the proplem i am not use to all the buttons in that game but it has trophies well at least you beat the whole game.

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Above Average

Not too shabby...

posted by zachster (DALLAS, TX) Aug 8, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

I like Blitz, and have since it was arcade style 10-15 years ago. This game is a little tricky to control, but i could see it being a lot of fun if you are commited to memorizing everything about the game. Would expect about 20 hours to get a good handle, and 50-75 to really master. I'll always like the ability to goaltend in football (destroying the receiver pre catch)

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Fun...At First

posted by Spac3man (ARLINGTON, TX) Jul 21, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

I made the mistake of buying this game, beat the storyline, and now it sits on the shelf. I loved the original Blitz games that came out on N64 and PS1, but the series has taken a turn for the worse. It has an unequal balance of realistic play and just mind-numbingly outrageous runs for a touchdown (I mean that in a bad way). While in clash, the computer is almost impossible to tackle, and if you manage to make him stumble, you cannot hit him on the way down and interrupt the fall, resulting in the computer gaining an extra 5 yards as he "falls" to the ground. It is also hard to disrupt the wide receivers routes on defense which can be frustrating if your attempting to cause a pass interference with a safety and usually results in the computer having a free run into the end zone. Despite a few minor gameplay flaws, the game itself is almost too easy. PATs are way too easy to block, the QB is nearly impossible to tackle at times, and the Offensive Lineman are about as effective as a screen door.
I would recommend trying the game. Its fun to play in multiplayer against friends, but sadly it does not have any other kind of replay value.

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