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Very Good

Basic Good Game

posted by TheGreatest (TRACY, CA) May 6, 2012

Member since May 2012

It has some flash and flare to the fighting part of the game. There is only three things to do and take 50+ hours of grinding if you want to beat the game fully. Very fun to finish leveling one character but then a bit tedious to do multiple times.

Its like the type of game that you keep for a long time and play every so often but with a new character so its fun again. Not the type to sit there to play through it over and over again.

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Another game thats too hard.

posted by multiblaze96 (STATESVILLE, NC) May 5, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

I don't get these video game developers. Why do all of them think they need to make the game so hard? Ok, first of all, why are there no checkpoints during the stages?! WHY?!! WHY DID THEY THINK THAT WAS UNNECESSARY?! I would rather play a easy game, because video game developers can't seem to make it just right. If you want a real slash and kill game, check out Dynasty Warriors 7. Also, why do the boss battles have to be so hard? When I got attacked by a boss' special, it nearly drained my health to zero while I had almost full health! If your not someone who likes hardcore games, then press that x button on your gameQ, and by the way, this is NOT WORTH BUYING BY ANY MEANS! Now, lets talk about some of the good things in this game. One, I like the way it fights like a Dynasty Warriors game, and there is something that you are able to use called Dash, this Dash makes you go extremely fast through the stage, and you don't have to walk if you want to hurry up and get the stage over with. The Ignition mode is something that is needed throughout the game. When pressing L2 while the gauge to the left is full, you go into a mode for a limited amount of time, which makes you strong. I usually wait till my gauge is almost empty, or when the enemy is almost dead to use my ignition mode special, which takes a lot of damage. WARNING! WHEN THE COMPUTER GETS THEIR IGNITION MODE, THEY BECOME A GOD! They get stiff, and they game harder to beat, I also think their ignition special takes more than yours! I am taking this game back now, I think it is a good game, but it is just too hard, I just got done ending a very hard game. So, I decided to pack it up and send it back to the post office. I my review has helped you out a little, goodbye.

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I don't know what to think about this game

posted by Gamer_Axel_Doi (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Apr 29, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

This game really caters to the fans of the Bleach Series. You MUST know about Bleach and the Espada Saga before considering renting this game, because the game will not explain what's going on in the game and the narration isn't much help by explaining things during the game as well. Fortunate for me (I guess) I've being watching the Bleach Series from the start so I do know the Characters and the background story; however I have watch all of the Series so unfortunately I ran into a lot of spoilers in the game which may affect me to continue watch the Anime. It's like they cram in over 70 detailed episode of Bleach and made it into a 5 hour story mode. This can of raise so red flags for me.

They do have the original voice actors from the Anime but, their dialog is unimpressive and forgettable at best. The biggest pet-peeve I have as almost every playable character in the game keep saying "Let's go" on the start of the mission, it's so annoying to me! The game itself is alright. It's like playing Dynasty Warriors with less enemy to fight shorter pathway and little to no dramatic cut-scene. They do have a have a Mission section to so you can play so more and power-up your characters but, I couldn't force myself to continue to play the game for any reason not even Yoruichi as a playable character can make me want to play it more. The repetitiveness and most of the character in their bankai state has taken much of my excitement. At the end if feel pretty lost of words. I just spoiled episodes of Bleach for a mediocre Hack and Slash Game that lasted about 5 hours. If it wasn't for the fact that the playable characters have unique attacks and have beautiful visual appearances. I would of rating the game lower then I did. I didn't expect much from a game based on an Anime franchise, but this was pretty disappointing to said the less. If they could of work on this a little more come up with a unique story that might be something to worth while, but I just don't know.

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