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a fun but boring (after a while) game like any

posted by DemonBoy13 (LOS ANGELES, CA) Feb 21, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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when you play a fighting game like this. you play it and then you finish.. you have every one to play as and yu finished...... and then? you finished episode which lasts a day but then you cant do anything! unlike action/adventures you cant play it... and go discover new things! or unlock better things and play again. if you play a game like No More HEros then you will see that yoy lay once.. but its the kind of game you can play again and the game will be diffrent because you can buy/get diffrent things.

well in Fighting you just fight. but other then that this game is really a great game! you can slash and stab and chop! its not ONLY for bleach fans. its also for fans of killing people at high speed! its no DBZ but it is still extremly good. you will enjoy ths game for hours and hours. but if you dont have any friends to play with. it will be boring after a week or two of finishing episode and
arcade again and again. so just rent it. and I know you will enjoy this game very much.



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Love The Anime, Love This Game

posted by Kakashi12 (CARSON CITY, NV) Oct 17, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

6 out of 10 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

When I started, I went to the Episode Mode. I kept losing so I then went to the training mode to learn how to get better. It worked. So the I went to the Episode Mode with Renji ( One of my favorite characters) and lost again when I got to the final boss. ( Let you in on a little secret, he is impossible to beat unless you have gotten all the training you need.) If you go to the arcade mode you can get other players. If you start out with the guy who shoots arrows and win, you will get team tens leader ( sorry, can't remember his name), after you beat it with him, you will get Kisuke Urahara. The reason I gave this game a 9 was because the Episode mode was a little too hard, even on easy.

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Really Bad

Wiggle wii, Watch Bankai movie, return to gamefly

posted by xWOLFx (SANTA FE, NM) Nov 7, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

5 out of 15 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

if you rent this thats what you will do, this game is horrible! i played about 10 matches before i was over it, thank god for gamefly because i almost bought this junk.

so gameplay consists of running over to your enemy, wiggling the wiimote until the bankai gauge fills up, then you move the nunchuk upward to engage the bankai mode. at this point you are forced to wait for a very long (for a fighting game) cutscene where your guy says the same thing every time and you cant skip through. now if you want to spend a week of your life NOT playing a good game while this thing gets sent to your house and back then go ahead, but i warned you!

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