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For the Fans

posted by kedro3 (LONG BEACH, CA) Oct 31, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

15 out of 15 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

You know you are a hardcore fan if you can name all 13 squad captains off the top off your head. And this game will give us what we want. I mean the controls are pretty good compared to many other wii titles sometimes it can be hard to get the move you want to pull off but overall it works. The episode mode could of been better, it doesn't really make sense sometimes as you fight the most random people for no reason. It would of been better if it just followed the first three arcs of the show but they tried to be original. I would recommend it for fans I don't know how much anyone else would enjoy it (you probably would but not as much).

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Only for Bleach fans

posted by Guardian42 (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Oct 13, 2007

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Member since Sep 2007

38 out of 42 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

The first 3d Bleach game to hit the US, and here we have it gracing the Wii with a unique control scheme that requires you to swing your sword in one of several directions using your wiimote. This usually works well, but sometimes, it can misread a move as a jab instead of a swipe or other little mistakes.
Pro: The graphics are beautiful and really show off the characters and their specials well. Music is a decent rocking beat, and there is a nice selection of 32 different characters to choose from. Of, course, there's lots to do to unlock all of these characters plus to get all the extra costumes and gallery stuff.

Con: This game is over fast and will only really hold your interest or attention if you are a fan of the series. Most characters have similar attacks and a few specials and one big special that has a nice animation with it usually. If you don't know the series, a lot of the splendor of being Ichigo going bankai or others will be lost on you. Dub work is terrible and they did NOT include the option for Japanese, like DBZ:BT2 did. the story is nothing special and half the time they won't explain much as to why you are suddenly fighting these people one after the other.
If you have some friends to play with, it can be fun, but by yourself, the game gets old fast.

In the end, this game is for the Bleach fans only. Only a fan would find the 50$ price tag worth it. As for a rent, yeah, it could last a day or two, then you'll probably be ready for something else with more depth, or at lease more to do that swing your mote widely.

A good game, for a specific crowd.

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Very Good

This is only for Bleach fans.

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Dec 13, 2007

Member since Oct 2005

12 out of 13 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

if you dont know what Bleach is, dont get this game. If you like bleach, then this is an okay game. I love bleach so i liked the game. The voice acting and storyline is horrible. But the fighting is fun. It really is like the show. You can go into Bankai or Shikai form and use special attacks. When fighting regular, you wave the wii-mote up and down for a slice, left and right for a slash, and toward the sensor bar for a stab. Then holding A or B and doing any of these things does critical or special moves. Same thing when in Bankai or Shikai form. It doesnt sound like much, but if you like bleach and see all the signature bleach characters and moves, its really cool. The graphics are alright, not the best on the wii but not the worst.

OVERALL: 8/10 Bleach Fans= Get it, Non Bleach Fans= Dont get it

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