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Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII


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It has potential.

posted by twister782 (LINDEN, TN) Sep 27, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

The game is fun. The controls with the nunchuk makes it feel like one would actually be flying in one of the planes. The graphics are a bit odd to look at. Dogfights are intense when waves come in big numbers. It can be fun, but multiplayer could have been a lot better. For the flight simulator fans, this can be the game for you. But for those with a curiousity on the game, I'd reccommend you rent it to try it out before you go and buy it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good mix of "arcade" and "sim"

posted by jaustin (SAN RAMON, CA) Sep 17, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

This is a good game; graphics are good, but a very busy fight can overwhelm the console.

Controls are fair; "classic" style (using the nunchuck stick) works fine; motion controls are not sensitive enough and hard to use.

The flight sim is pretty decent for a console game, but not as good as I'd hope.

Gameplay is pretty good; missions are broken into "objectives", and if you die you've got the opportunity to restart at the last accomplished objective, rather than the beginning of the mission.

Load times are long, but only at the beginning of a mission; the game is very smooth in-flight.

Overall I am enjoying this game; replay value is pretty good, controls are good, graphics are good.

Addition of a rudder control and shorter load times would help.

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Arcade flight combat sim

posted by cephjedi (POINT OF ROCKS, MD) Sep 7, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII clearly never intended to be a flight simulator, so fans looking for realistic flight physics and historically accurate plane dynamics should skip this title- you'll be frustrated beyond measurement.

Blazing Angels is an arcade shooter, through and through. Your plane can't do 80% of what a real plane could do, for example, a barrel roll. Immelman? Forget it. You don't even have decent control of the plane's yaw control, so strafing ground targets is tricky.

That said, aspiring couch pilots will be able to pick up the Wii control scheme quickly and start hunting bogeys right away. The Nunchuk is your flight stick and the Wiimote serves as a command console. Holding the nunchuk like an imaginary flight stick is immediately intuitive and fun. The physics are rubbery enough (and the enemies delicate enough) that the control limitations don't hamper your combat performance. In the first few missions, you'll score dozens more kills than the best real WWII aces nailed during their whole careers.

The voice acting for the Americans (you and your wingmen, taking some more liberties with history) is well done and at times even funny, but the repetitiveness may grate on you after a few dogfights. The British voice acting is terrible.

The games flight controls, though intuitive, are limited and the amorphous relativity of the nunchuck got on my nerves after a few hours of playtime. The nunchuck seems to reset itself after a while- i.e. you're leaning hard left trying to out-turn your prey and then when you straighten up, all of the sudden holding the nunchuck vertical is turning your plane right. If you climb hard to get a good diving run for bombing ground targets, you stand a good chance of turning your plane into a lawn dart when you try to pull out of that dive. It makes you want to rotate the nunchuk with both hands (in a panic!) to try to compensate.

In short: Casual gamers, enjoy. Hard core sim fans: avoid.

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