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Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII


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Is that how German pilots sounded?

posted by cayceman (AUSTIN, TX) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

This game was not near as good as it could have been. These are the problems I had with this game. First off, it is a flying game that does not let you sit in the cockpit. Second, I do not think it takes a five second blast from four .50 cal machine guns to take down a plane. Third, the voice acting is very irritating. Fourth, who wants to fly around taking pictures of things? I am in a fighter plane, let me shoot things. Fifth, the voice acting is very, very irritating.

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Not Quite Next Gen.

posted by GandolfDaB (BRONX, NY) Apr 15, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

Blazing Angels is a title that should have came out on the xbox. The game play is so simple with an arcade feel to it, you can't take it seriously. The accents of the different pilots in the game that you encounter are annoying instead of funny. The targeting is bad. You can't select a target you want unless you are looking at them or they are in close range. When other targets are near it randomly selects which targets to attack when your pushing the lock-on button. Then when you finish shooting a plane it stays locked on it for an extra 3 seconds or so before moving on to another random target. Another issue is when you tailing a target that you locked on to, another enemy plane my cross in front of you and even though you are still holding the lock on the first plane it will switch to that one in front. Which means you have to hit the target select button for it to random find your 1st target.

As for the planes them selves. They all feel and shoot different, which is good. I mean I was kicking germa butt for a while un-challenged. As soon as I went against the japanese fighters in the slow wildcat... i felt useless. I love the fact that every fight with the japanese was you being out numbered by a swarm of planes. They were weak and easy to take out but the zero's are fast and they had lots of'em. LOTS!

The Later missions can be frustrating instead of innovative. Like trying to land your plane on a ship and stop...really really bad! The same for an even longer runway on an island during a fight...once again really really bad.

The Top Secret mission is cool and a much needed change in locale. The last mission is straight up bad. You have to fly your sloppy controlling plane through the berlin river while being shot at and you have to stay low because any higher is automatic death. If the guns don't kill you then your wing splashing the water will. Then avoiding 20 planes on your butt for 3 min.

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Nice Try

posted by dFLAWLESS (ATLANTA, GA) Apr 14, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

This game is kinda cool in concept. It is real hard to develop a flight simulator for a console. They just missed mark. It was too difficult to fly the plane, they would get inverted, and it was real hard to correct that. I am sure I could have invested more time into it and improved, but I just did not have the patients for it.

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