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Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII


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GF Rating


Very nice game

posted by Pelican (PITTSBURGH, PA) May 28, 2006

Member since Jan 2003

I LOVED this game. The graphics are stunning (although they sometimes cause the Xbox to pause and think for a bit), the missions are varied and interesting, the planes are easy to control, which leaves you time to focus on combat. And there's a lot of combat. Some missions are rather slow and easy, but others have you shooting from the moment you take off!

Also, the AI is pretty good. Enemy bombers will try to shake you, while I've gotten into several close fights with other fighters. Your AI wingmen are also easy to command, so you can change your formation's orders from all-out attack to defense in about a second. The lock-on camera is a nice addition that works, although you have to be careful to switch targets once you shoot the one you're locked on to or you'll just keep looking at it.

The missions take you through some of the more widely-known battles in both the European and Pacific theaters, and some of the later missions can be challenging without being frustrating as well. The standalone modes also fare pretty well, in case you need a break from the missions and are just looking to shoot stuff with no real objective other than being the last plane in the air. Overall, a game that's well worth the money.

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GF Rating


Another Let Down

posted by Viperchief (GLENDALE, AZ) May 7, 2006

Member since Dec 2004

This is the second WWII fighter I eagerly looked forward to and the second that left me completely disappointed. The gameplay didn't hold my attention at all and the constant, grating dialogue drained what little fun I had with it away after just a few minutes. The ridiculous stereotypes are bearable for a split second before they become a constant test of my will power to continue playing the so-so gameplay.

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GF Rating


Blazing Angels: squadrons of world war two

posted by captbossk (SAN DIEGO, CA) May 5, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

This game is cool! There is something about that awsome feeling you get when you first get into the air that makes you feel...good. The controls are easy to get the hang of and the combat is really fun. The Music kept me going too.

the game lets you fight through many battles of the war from the battle of britain to berlin 1945. The planes are historical and fun to fly. The graphics are really good to.

The game has many good points but i noticed some flaws. The size of the battlefields can be small, i got sick of constantly flying out of bounds and having to be guided back on auto pilot.Also the game gets kinda boring if you get stuck on a level, there are very few extra features to keep you going.

The split sceen is kinda cool there are lots of planes and about 6 game modes to choose from. That can cool you down if you are stuck on a campaign level.

i reccommend renting this game to anyone but especially peaple who liked the ace combat series or ww2 games.

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