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Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII


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Misses the mark

posted by otterG (COLBERT, WA) Feb 9, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

Flying games tend to either be flight simulators (slow-paced) or arcade games (fast-paced but totally unrealistic.) This game tries to split the difference, and ends up just being bad.
1) You can choose between arcade controls or flight simulator. In either case, the rudder is tied to the throttle. If you choose arcade, you have to use 3rd person. The sight angles in either mode are horrible, and in the end the enemy is not the Germans but rather the xbox controller.
2) Every mission is timed (or has a base or NPC who is slowly getting shot up = timer.) Often, you have to play the mission twice just to orient yourself, because a wrong turn will end up timing you out.
3) It takes a long time to see the cool planes, and then you get missions like land the cool plane, get out and take off in the clunker for the rest of the mission.
4) The lock-on and targeting buttons are just plain broken. You can spend an entire mission locked onto a target miles away while you are getting shot to death in a dogfight. The A and B buttons only change the target sometimes.
5) The NPC generals treat you like dirt, even though you are accomplishing more in any mission than any pilot ever did.
6) The ranges are messed up. Most of the time you are shooting at a red triangle above a green health indicator bar (long range). You will only see the shape of a plane if you are on its 6 chasing it down, and if you had to get that close, your timer will probably run out.

I would strongly suggest that the manufacturer play-test a game before placing it on the market.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII

posted by dominici (NEW HAVEN, CT) Dec 13, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

I thought the game was great. However, the player's plane was not as quick or maneuverable as the enemy aircraft.

Also, in some spots there should be more check points. The fjords were really tough.

If you are into flying games then I would certainly recommend this one.

Overall, it was a great experience!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Blazing Angels Indeed

posted by Ryking (CLINTON, MO) Nov 13, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

This title was very fun. After having played Crimson Skies, I thought I'd give another action/adventure flying game a try. It has its strengths and its weaknesses.

Strengths: Good AI. Unlike Crimson Skies you have 3 other pilots/planes along with you to help you out. They can either attack their own targets or attack the enemies that are attacking you. They actually do really help you out alot.
Good targeting. With Blazing Angels, what you have in your targeting reticle, is what you hit. I felt in Crimson Skies you always had to shoot slightly in front of the plane to hit it when shooting at an angle.
"Enemy Camera": Hit the left trigger and it shows you your next target, but as the camera turns to show you, make sure you keep steering the plane. Very useful when you're not sure where your next enemy is coming from. And extremely useful in dogfights

Short. The game is pretty short I felt. A skilled gamer could knock this game out in two or three days tops.
Planes. The only problem I had with the actual planes was that it seemed they needed wide berths to turn around in to make another pass at a target. But then again these were WWII planes, so that may just be me.
"Enemy camera": This wasn't really a weakness for me, but others may have trouble getting used to using this feature. It's alittle disorienting at first but once you get used to it, it's invaluable.

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