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Misses the mark

posted by otterG (COLBERT, WA) Feb 9, 2009

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Flying games tend to either be flight simulators (slow-paced) or arcade games (fast-paced but totally unrealistic.) This game tries to split the difference, and ends up just being bad.
1) You can choose between arcade controls or flight simulator. In either case, the rudder is tied to the throttle. If you choose arcade, you have to use 3rd person. The sight angles in either mode are horrible, and in the end the enemy is not the Germans but rather the xbox controller.
2) Every mission is timed (or has a base or NPC who is slowly getting shot up = timer.) Often, you have to play the mission twice just to orient yourself, because a wrong turn will end up timing you out.
3) It takes a long time to see the cool planes, and then you get missions like land the cool plane, get out and take off in the clunker for the rest of the mission.
4) The lock-on and targeting buttons are just plain broken. You can spend an entire mission locked onto a target miles away while you are getting shot to death in a dogfight. The A and B buttons only change the target sometimes.
5) The NPC generals treat you like dirt, even though you are accomplishing more in any mission than any pilot ever did.
6) The ranges are messed up. Most of the time you are shooting at a red triangle above a green health indicator bar (long range). You will only see the shape of a plane if you are on its 6 chasing it down, and if you had to get that close, your timer will probably run out.

I would strongly suggest that the manufacturer play-test a game before placing it on the market.

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Might Have Been A Great Game

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Nov 1, 2007

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It might have been a great game but the Progrmaers Messed it up. The Controls really stink the camera is a Joke why not let me fly the planes from the veiw of the Pilot? Because the Programers Are Idiots This is One game that Needs to be taken back and destroyed because It needed to be Play tested Before they put it out for Play and Obvisouly this game wasent I give it a 1 the Idea is Great But the Programers Messed the game up with Poor Programing

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by brokenjeep (GRAND CANYON, AZ) Oct 2, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

Yup this game bites like a fat chick on a fork. This game is horrible. Good news, the graphics are really good. If only they'd put as much effort into the controls. Feels like you have no control what so ever!

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