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Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII


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Only a Slight Improvement to the Original

posted by Riotcraft (FRIENDSWOOD, TX) Mar 3, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

This game really doesn't bring much new to the table in the series. The controls are a bit tighter, but still extremely awkward having all possible flight controls mapped to the thumbsticks, including the right thumbstick sharing both acceleration and deceleration as well as rudder controls, (moving left and right) which is beyond frustrating. Most flight games use either L1 & R1 or L2 & R2 for rudder controls. This will bother you for the entire game, often decelerating because you decided to shift right when you want to continue accelerating.

For a game that's all about secret and prototype planes of WW2 with a jet engine aircraft on the cover, they sure don't give you enough opportunities to use these planes. In fact, most of the ones they do give you are in fact propeller based plans that function no different from the standard propeller planes you use for half of the campaign anyways. There are most certainly not enough missions that give you jet engine aircraft to use and some of the missions which do give the option are not suitable to be using a jet engine fighter like say on a bombing focused mission. It's very disappointing in that regard.

The story is pretty abysmal, with fictional missions and comic book style cutscene panels with people who are clearly developers dressed up for still images and with ear-grating voice actors to go along with them.

The missions are pretty standard and don't differ much from the original. In that respect, the missions are still the best part of the game and the missions are much improved over the original, too. You won't have any annoying "fly through a sandstorm using the radio to locate a base" missions or "fly through a narrow canyon sideways while engaging enemy fighters and dodging obstacles at the same time" missions. Though there is a canyon mission, it's much more wide open and bearable than the original.

All told, it's a below average arcade flight game, but there's still enjoyment to be had.

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Controls nearly ruin it, still a good game.

posted by C4pta1n1 (LIBERTYVILLE, IL) Apr 25, 2012

Member since Jan 2011

This is an overall fun game that I would recommend if you enjoy the dog fighting genre. That said, the controls truly feel as if they were designated by someone who never actually played using the controls.

The main problem is that the R3 stick is your speed control (up = faster, down = brake, not like a throttle) as well as your rudder control.

Unfortunately there are intense sequences where you may want to use the rudder and brake which is very difficult as you have to find the perfect diagonal position to brake and rudder-turn simultaneously. You get used to it over time, but it's rather infuriating.

What's more infuriating is they waste the perfect rudder buttons (R1 and L1) on extra lock on and weapon buttons! (R2 and L2 are primary weapon and lock-on target, respectively, R1 and L1 are secondary weapon and lock on objective, respectively.)

Other than that it's a fun game with plane customization, intense dog-fighting, and a plethora of almost painfully corny dialog. All in all, worth a rent, I'd probably buy it if I saw it for less than $10 in a used games bin.

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Very Good

Very nice!

posted by AlphaDog1977 (CULLMAN, AL) Jan 29, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

Didn't have many pf the WWII planes I was hoping for but what it does have was very fun to fly. Great attempt at a WWII flying sim. Needs to be built on though. If they'll work on it and improve it with new and different planes this would be an excellent sim.

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