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GF Rating


Huh. Worth a try if you like Japanese Games

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Jul 6, 2011

Member since Nov 2006

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I'm no fan of Japanese-made games myself (something about the giant eyes and huge amount of "pretty boys" sets me off) but i thought i'd give it a try when i saw this, considering a few of my friends have.

Let's get this clear first of all: this is a 2-Dimensional, one-on-one, fighting game with Japanese characters and creatures. In other words, you pick a character, you pick an arena, and then you fight. Not really my style, but you may like it if you've played similar games.

Yes there's partial nudity (i see you pervs laughing in the back) and some sensuality. But that's in ALOT of Japanese games, so don't think its anything to really consider when you rent it.

I wouldn't buy it because i didn't find much replay value in it at all, considering it was the same fights over and over again. BUT if you grab a friend, i could see this being a fun challenge of skill and combat prowess between two warriors, which is always cool. So definitly rent before you buy.


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GF Rating


Stay close to your charger...

posted by BlueFlag97 (CANOGA PARK, CA) Jul 6, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

...because you'll be spending so much time with it you will mutter "Azure Azure Azure Azure". Its a fighting game with depth. A LOT of depth. Having lots of game modes is what ANY good fighting game should have from a VERY DEEP story mode to a revamped Legion mode, and the "new" Abyss mode (which is basically a slightly modified survival mode from Guilty Gear X2.) As always, the fighting system is deep and intuitive from Rapid Cancels to Astral Finishers (although I slightly dislike the "Stylish" controls that replaces the analog-controlled "Easy Specials"), with characters utilizing entirely different fighting styles. Not one character feels similar to another. Speaking of characters, the story mode is deeper than ever with longer character chapters and even more revelations that will keep you guessing on what's next. Not only that, there are plenty of funny moments that will touch your funnybone in more ways than you think. And what would such a game be without a gallery showcasing the artistic talents of staff and fans alike. Plus some of the features can be unlocked by attaining higher levels, which will motivate you to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! And finally, the visuals are, without a doubt, well done for PSP. Even the menus and character logos look professional. The only gripe I have with it (besides what was previously mentioned and the same can be applied to most PSP games) is you can only play with another person who also have the game, no online, no game-sharing.

There's more to say, but I'll leave the rest of the experience to you.

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GF Rating


good game long lasting

posted by 999love (HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) Oct 10, 2012

Member since Oct 2006

lots of different modes the ez mode is actually ez most of the time and the stylish mode made it alot more fun though I would have liked unlimited caricters for the whole game. abyss mode was the best but you had to do it last when you had lots of money and 20th level
for programers :I would have made the game ezer or not penalize you for dieing and I would have shotenened abyss mode by 1/2

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