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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

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Very Good

I'd Rather Play Street Fighter!

posted by JJ2000 (BOWIE, MD) Jul 8, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

Don't get drawn away by the title BlazBlue was an excellent game for the short time that i had it. But some of the characters have very little moves which is very bad since the game has such few characters. I do have to admit that the characters interactions with each other was excellent. Each character had a specific relationship with the other. BlazBlue is a beautiful game, probably the best or most unique I've ever seen. Let's talk gameplay, the gameplay in BlazBlue is solid , but i find it to easy to get into combos. Most of the time i played online some guy trapped me in a corner and just did te same move over and over again. But i wont base my review off of Player Skill. But all in all BlazBlue is a pretty fun game but getts boring pretty quick. If you ask me i'd go pick up Super Street Fighter 4 instead of BlazBlue.

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Above Average

A boring fighter...

posted by BuddhistV (FLORHAM PARK, NJ) Apr 17, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

This game is pretty unbalanced, spastic, boring, and overall just not very fun. I play a lot of fighting games and have really enjoyed Soul calibur, DOA, and tekken games... I liked the first Marvel vs. Capcom as well, the 2nd was okay.

This game just makes you want to shut it off from the moment you start the story, it was boring and I didn't feel like sitting through the entire thing so I wound up just hitting the skip message button until I had to fight... and the fights are pretty straightforward for the most part, you have special attacks, low attacks, and normal attacks. Combos are hard to do in this game because the command list is so rigid, you basically have to memorize and perform certain commands and then just choose when to do them. The score attack mode is WAY TOO hardcore and there's no good way of preparing for it, the computer reads your commands and responds accordingly in the cheapest way possible. If you don't have any friends who play this game, I'd recommend playing something else.

The anime theme of the game is awesome and the artwork is really great, but the gameplay and story mode totally kill the game. It just fluctuates between being stressful and being boring.

It's worth a rent if you are a big fan of 2D fighters, but overall it was pretty boring.

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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. Thumbs Down.

posted by isturbo (DES MOINES, WA) Feb 13, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

Meh... The game was a decent 2D fighter.--But between Soul Calibur IV (my personal favorite fighting franchise of the genre), Street Fighter IV (the best SF game to date, imo) and Mortal Kombat vs DCU (surprisingly solid compared to previous MK games)... BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger was a huge letdown. Uniqueness and individuality in a video game do not grant it a guaranteed seat on the Council of Great Fighting Games. I'm using sarcasm if you couldn't tell. The characters were all different, not just clones of 3-4 models. Which is one of the more important aspects of a fighting game, but isn't that important in the case of BlazeBlue simply because there wasn't that many characters. The story mode had some real potential. I loved how not only could you select which character to play, but each character participates in an integrated story. Everything is layed out in a percentage, multiple character saves so you can pick up on one after unlocking the next part with somebody else. Again, this potentially good thing doesn't really matter in the case of BlazBlue because it was incredibly boring. 30min-long, single-frame dialog scenes interrupted by a single round of combat lays the grounds for the essence of this mode. Sure it has unlockables, artwork, an arcade mode, ect... but this is all standard stuff. The only real fun I had playing this game was the 15mins I spent whupping my girlfriend in 2 player, and then an additional 15mins getting whupped myself online afterward. I can see the appeal of BlazBlue if one has only played a single fighting game all their life and needed a change of scenery. But all this game is was an attempt by the developers to make a new fighting game with the perk of an already-fan-following of the Guilty Gear series. Sorry.

Gamerscore Incentive:
I cannot give an accurately projection on how easy the achievements for this game are because I didn't play it much. But if it helps, xbox360achievements. org rated it a 5/10 in terms of difficulty.

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