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Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy


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Very misunderstood

posted by MrPiggin (SPRING, TX) Jun 23, 2008

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Well first of i'm not a man of graphics(though it helps)I'm a man of gameplay. wich this game has loads of in the first plase but people who rate this game bad didn't want to be creative they want to be destructive. I say rent this Quik so reading this and add it to youre game Q.

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Above Average

"Blastworks": for sidescrolling shooter fans only

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 16, 2008

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Blastworks: Build, Trade, Destroy is a sidescrolling shooter and simulation.
In the shooting segment, up to four players blast their way though several levels filled with vehicles such as planes, guns, tanks and boats. At the end of each level they take on a boss (one large chunk of machinery.)
But instead of getting power ups, each player gets more firepower by attaching defeated enemies onto his/her ship. Doing so will either add firepower or armor. Before long, the player's ship looks like a huge mess of metal that's haphazardly and flimsily put together.
It's fun to see how goofy my plane looks with all those attached vehicles to it, and it's a great feature very few other shooters have.
In the simulation segment, the player designs their own side scrolling shooting levels. And when I say design, I mean design.
Everything - from the looks of the back drop and vehicles to the pattern and rate of fire of all vehicles to where those vehicles pop in on the level - is in the hands of the user. They can modify pre-existing vehicles from the arcade version or they can make their very own from scratch. They can share their newly created levels on line.
Some players will cackle with glee at the almost limitless possibilities the design features offer.
Problem is, Blastworks: Build, Trade, Destroy can get redundant very quickly and it won't win over anyone not interested in sidescrolling shooters. This is one tough sell.
Blastworks: Build, Trade, Destroy is something to rent to see if you like it before you buy it.

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Really Bad

"BlastWorks" not worthy of Console Game title

posted by Mster24 (PROVIDENCE, RI) Aug 22, 2008

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"Blast Works: Build, Trade, and Destroy" is based on some japanese freeware PC game. After playing for about five seconds, I could clearly see that relationship-and, also, that the PC game must have been like those awful books you read in school that, for some ridiculous reason, have won multiple awards. What desperate company would create a console game out of something like this? Oh-Majesco. First of all, the graphics look like those wireframe PC games from the 80's, but I knew that before I played, and thought that might be part of the game's charm. I was wrong. The graphics were ugly, and the game's main and in-game menus looked like something out of a lame Flash game. And as for the game itself-wow. So bad. After piloting your ship and collecting add-ons from enemies you destroy (which, by the way, do nothing but add more stuff for your enemies to shoot) for about twenty seconds, you die. That's it. And the editors. Yeah. As the game as promoted, I thought the entire game focused on them. I was wrong, or didn't use them right. No intuitive rotation or zoom tools make them a hassle to use. And all the things you edit are made up of POLYGONS! Cubes, spheres, cones. What? WHAT? I'm sure the PC game would be better. As a console game resembling a Flash one wayyyyy too much with lame gameplay and awful graphics, this receives a mediocre 2. Oh, and one last note-how does this game fall into the category of "Strategy/Sim"? Just wondering.

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