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Very Good

Almost everything Hardcore Wii Owners want

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Jun 19, 2008

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This game has been accepted in a pretty harsh way. Blast Works has a ton of features, including downloadable content, level editors, and co-op play up to 2 players in campaign, and 4 players arcade. The major downside is that it's a narrow genre. People who enjoy classic games like Gradius, the new WiiWare title StarSolider R, and any side scrolling shooter-score game will love Blast Works

The game's presentation is pretty simple. Start up, you have your options of campaign, arcade, online, editors, options and etc. You can create your own profile that tracks all of your stats including shotting accuracy, planes created, and shared levels.

The gameplay it self is just like any other side scrolling shooter, except you can pick up enemy aircrafts and add them to your plan collection as you travel through the level. This is good, and bad, and a key point in the gameplay. Its difficult, but not 'broken' difficult. You won't be able to fly through the levels as you gather these extra parts that help you destroy, but rather balance it so you can use it to the most effectiveness. This isn't an easy task and creates more gameplay hours and enjoyment, at least IMO.

The flaws in the games are that all these features come in a narrow genre. It's great for fans, but the game may not be the biggest draw to new players to this type of game. Secondly, to use downloadable content, you must visit their site, set up a queue, then download it to your Wii, a bit of a pain, but very similar to IGN's Smash Bros website to access users levels. Also, the campaign mode can be rather difficult, even on 'rookie'. There are no continues in this mode, and if you die, you start completely over from mission 1 of the campaign. That was the biggest frustration for me.

Overall, great game, great features, and worth a rent. The 40 dollar price tag IS a little steep, and I would have liked to see this on WiiWare. But it's a step forward for Wii in general, even if it will most likely overlooked.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Give it a chance!

posted by Squabbler (WEST ISLIP, NY) Jun 16, 2008

Member since Jan 2006

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The problem with most gamers these days is that they are so focused on graphics and making things go boom that innovation is a lost cause. Blast Works is a game full of innovation, as well as beginner steps for game development. I find it amazing that you can go online and download other players' ideas and creations. For the average gamer, looking for instant gratification, this "build it yourself" tool may seem dull. Most players don't want to be bothered by a process that will take a while to perfect. But for those who take the time to actually dive into, and understand, the developing process the game becomes even greater.
First off let's get the graphics out of the way. Yes they aren't the most amazing graphics developed by mankind but last time I checked games such as Diablo and Final Fantasy 7 don't contain graphics that wow people either. These games stand the test of time because of the game play and the innovation.
Blast Works contains a strangely Contra like gameplay (if Contra could fly that is). Sure all you do is hold down one button to shoot, but the placement of fallen enemies onto your ship can mean the difference between life and death later on. For those of you who say that Blast Works is an old looking game that is boring to play, I say play it for more than five minutes.
Blast Works offers not only a fun single player or co-op player campaign but an amazing development system. You can build insanely creative ships to use in your game, and share them with people all over the world. This is one of those games that tries to bring something new to the table but is being rejected by people who are so used to the graphics of Halo 3 and Oblivion. Sure great graphics help games out tremendously...but so does innovation and plain old fun.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Side Scrolling Shooter with Twist

posted by Platypi (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Jun 19, 2008

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Most side scrollers these days try to throw in some sort of twist to the gameplay mechanic to attract people into the genre. Blastworks throws in a visually interesting, and surprisingly at times: challenging game mechanic.

The gameplay mechanic is pretty simple. When you destroy an enemy ship or a part of an ememy ship you can add it to your ship to shoot like they previously did. There is no limit to how much you can add on to your ship, kind of giving a Katamari Damaci feel to trying to make a huge powerhouse of a ship that is one big tangled mess.

It adds challenge in that you can recall your jumble into your ship at any time. This is important since your pieces can be shot down and you can lose some really awesome fire power. However, I will admit I was disappointed that since bosses spew out so much stuff all over the screen it is practically impossible to hold onto anything during boss fights.

While I found the graphics kind of cute I could imagine a lot of people finding them lacking since they are blocky/cartoony instead of realistic.

What is perhaps the most interesting thing about this game is the potential for more: the game has a level/ship/enemy/etc. editor. Online capability also adds a lot of potential in this same area.

I like the twists and all, but other shooters have twists that are perhaps better fitted. Still a good game and if you like the genre you shouldn't be disappointed. Course, if you do not like side scrollers I would suggest to pass up this title.

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