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Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War

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Crashes too often

posted by Fibs (SPRING HILL, FL) Apr 28, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

The game is a solid 6, maybe 7. There's no real 'plot', but the game play is mindless fun. There are some seriously overpowered units, anything mounted, esp camels, short spears, and some seriously weak units, rapiers, knives, long spears. It's a ton of fun to run in with 10 camels and completely wipe out 10 full units of footmen and horses.. only thing that stops/kills camels are long spear, which are EXTREMELY easy to spot.

The one completely unforgivable problem: It freezes at the end of a stage randomly. Since you can't save DURING a stage, you can lose hours of gameplay from multiple freezes... which is compounded if you had not saved in a couple missions.

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Very Good

thumbs up so they re-add game

posted by hisuphola (SKOKIE, IL) Sep 19, 2012

Member since Jul 2007

decent game plenty reviews and all that, so thumbs up so they re-add game.

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posted by woodlefoof (RICHFIELD, UT) Jul 23, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

okay well this is a good game, controls are a bit basic but it is fun, the voice acting... its... baaaaad, though most of the game is not voice acting, there are also historical figures such as prince edward and a french tactician whos name i cant remember who has a very american stereotypical french laugh, "ah hou hou hou" which makes me think its americans trying to sound like french and english people, (could explain the voice acting problem), now the point of this game is to go into a base, either wait till your allied forces go into the base or take out the base points and kill the base commander, though this sounds repetitive, you dont notice it really, during gameplay you start to get torn between "should i continue the story, or spend a bunch of battles getting stronger" and this is before you really meet any of the new classes, like the camel calvary, and thats if you spent a little time boosting and you also get madder and madder at the fact that, there is no online, it is setup so perfectly to be online at the end of every day you and the other officers scores are ranked, (you are first most of the time) but it is set up so incredibly good for online, and there is none, it is a good game though i may have these complaints, but it really is good

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