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Very Good

thumbs up so they re-add game

posted by hisuphola (SKOKIE, IL) Sep 19, 2012

Member since Jul 2007

decent game plenty reviews and all that, so thumbs up so they re-add game.

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posted by woodlefoof (RICHFIELD, UT) Jul 23, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

okay well this is a good game, controls are a bit basic but it is fun, the voice acting... its... baaaaad, though most of the game is not voice acting, there are also historical figures such as prince edward and a french tactician whos name i cant remember who has a very american stereotypical french laugh, "ah hou hou hou" which makes me think its americans trying to sound like french and english people, (could explain the voice acting problem), now the point of this game is to go into a base, either wait till your allied forces go into the base or take out the base points and kill the base commander, though this sounds repetitive, you dont notice it really, during gameplay you start to get torn between "should i continue the story, or spend a bunch of battles getting stronger" and this is before you really meet any of the new classes, like the camel calvary, and thats if you spent a little time boosting and you also get madder and madder at the fact that, there is no online, it is setup so perfectly to be online at the end of every day you and the other officers scores are ranked, (you are first most of the time) but it is set up so incredibly good for online, and there is none, it is a good game though i may have these complaints, but it really is good

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Dynasty warriors? Get outta here!

posted by TheReviewer (EAGLE CREEK, OR) May 22, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

Before i rented this game i thought i would look into it.
I read about it, looked at screen shots and watched some videos, so i had an idea that it was going to be a "kill 100 people a minute" Koei game similar to dynasty warriors but this is different- but similar.

Like in Dynasty warriors you fight alot of soldiers, but the difference is this:

Set in europe (france)
You actually control/ change your bodyguards
you can customize the character from armor and face to weapon and voice
instead of killing the main bosses on every map you have to take on contracts, which are usually you just taking towns, but some contracts require protection of a traveling person or a message or something of that sort.

I really enjoyed but like every game it has it's faults:

Wheres the story? theres maybe 3 or 4 cutscenes after like 30 40 battles! and battles are long ranging from 5 minutes to a half hour.
Repetitive like crazy
although your character doesnt level up overall, groups of warriors vary in level depending on how much you used them for example, maces, spears, clubs, swords, horses, archers, etc. (about 10 more)
which isnt a bad thing until you use a group with a low level which changes your health meaning you die and lose the battle.
so say for example you have a lvl 30 horse unit and you fight countless skirmishes and get used to it and then decide to be a spear unit which is lvl 5... you'll probably die because your health will be reduced to that level.

One thing bothered me alot, this was the fact that theres a lack of armor, apparently after every 15 to 20 battles theres one major or decisive battle which will increase your rep level to the next digit. until that major battle no new sets of armor are unlocked.

Overall great game but has major faults and could have been way better. i won't lie i was disappointed after the first 2 hours.
worth a rent but unless your a die hard fan of repetitive games then waste your money and buy it.

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