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Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War

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I cant put it down

posted by gerbopyl (CANAL WINCHESTER, OH) Nov 17, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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Ive been playing it non-stop for 4 days now. Its a very simple game but has a decent amount of depth too it. With all the different units each battle turns into rock paper scissors. You see what your enemy is controlling then grab what its weak against or you can hire mercenaries that you can summon at any point during battle. After each battle you can upgrade your units, weapons, and armor. You can also use pennons during battle which cause a variety of different things to happen to your squad or your enemies (i.e. raise your defense, lower their mobility, cause them to panic). My only real complaint is the sometimes A.I. From time to time they will stand within viewing distance of an enemy but will do nothing to help you defeat them.

Anyone that likes the dynasty warrior games but tires of the button mashing should love this game.

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Very Good

Great mix of old and new

posted by VaporKid (PLYMOUTH, MI) Dec 26, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Keoi loves hack 'n slashes. Seeing that they have been making money hand over foot with their Warrior series, slowly and slowly they have been perfecting the mindless hack-a-thons, that they are known for.
But enter Bladestorm: THYW, seemingly different, yet feels the same. This time you do not unlock 50+ characters, you focus on one. You make what he or she looks like, sounds like etc... and the game play is more of a command system then smashing X 10,000 times. You control a certain type of group (swords, knights, archers...etc...) and slowly level up in each type of unit. Plus you get to chose what stages you want to play, pretty open ended for this type of game.
Very fun, very hectic. I highly recommend it.

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Above Average

Dynasty warriors commander

posted by HandSolo (LEBANON JUNCTION, KY) Nov 14, 2007

Member since May 2006

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Let me preface my review by saying I had high hopes for this game, being from the Romance Saga team I was hoping for that level of depth in the game.

In this game you play the vital role of mercenary on the battlefield as you run across an unbelievably large map and take over troop types to help win the war for whatever side pays the most coin. Unfortunately, the game spans the full 113 years of the war between the French and English, and the gameplay feels like you repeat yourselves that many times. The game is simple for any strategy buff but you can't beat the feeling of deja vu... every single time. The objectives are easy and you earn more money than you can possibly spend. There isn't enough options to give you the feeling that this is a game you should keep playing, instead you realize that you have played a game similiar to this before. That would be Dynasty Warriors, only..and this is extremely sad to say...Dynasty Warriors has much more depth.

Unless you love Japanese strategy games, leave this game off your Q

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