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Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War

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This game resembles a tide, deep and shallow

posted by GoBrannen (SAVANNAH, GA) Jul 27, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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To start off, I was pleasantly surprised in the break from KOEI's Dynasty Warrior game-play in Bladestorm.
In it's place is game-play that is more representative of tactical choices then brute strength. Instead of being a one-man wrecking machine, you must choose a group of soldiers to tag along and battle with (you can fight alone, but it never ends well). The battles aren't exactly huge, but you can tell that each unit is actually fighting and not standing around waiting to be killed, I frequently found myself having to run away or being killed by groups of overpowering enemies. To become more powerful, you must level up different weapons styles (swords/horses/bows) by fighting alongside those groups in battles.
The graphics are not that impressive, and there is significant screen-lag when too many units are on screen or you engage special attacks that are way too animated. The environments are pretty bland no matter what battle you are taking part in.
Overall, it isn't something that is particularly memorable, but it definitely soaks up 20+ hours of game-play that isn't boring or repetitive.

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Simply Fantastic

posted by Kuppykake (CEDAR CREEK, TX) Jun 23, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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I feel that this game was simply perfect.
I have waited for several years for something of this sort to come out, sure you've got Kingdom underfire, but thats like... Repetitive.
Yes, this game is repetitive. But each time you can choose an easy battle, or a hard battle.
Spanning you to high levels of engagement.
You feel as if you're an actual mercenary fighting and fighting.
The battlefields are gigantic, giving you a wide variety of things to do, the timer system works out nicely with the nonstop onslaught, just to give your thumbs a rest.
The controls are simple.
I can't put this game down, if you like kingdom underfire and Dynasty Warriors mixed together, this is the game to get.
I liked it so much, even though i've only played it for several days, that I bought it.
Yes, I bought it.
If you're like me, The taking over base after base, killing squad after squad either with your own squad or by yourself, this is the game to have sitting around.

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Not Dynasty Warriors

posted by War0979 (PICKERINGTON, OH) Sep 17, 2010

Member since Jan 2005

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When I added this game, I thought I would be playing a medieval version of Dynasty Warriors. This game is nothing like Dynasty Warriors. When I first started playing I hated it but once I got past that it wasn't just a one man hack and slash game, I really got into it. The story is little lack luster but the customization throughout the game makes up for that and just playing through the battles and coming up with a strategy make up for it. It'll take over 30 hours to beat and even then you can continue to play through.

If I had one compliant I'd say it's with the last two "secret" achievements. I had to look around to figure out what the two were that I was missing and now that I know, I don't know why I'm missing them.

Overall, I would recommend this game to Dynasty Warrior fans who are looking for something new and hope that Koei will make a sequel or at least another game like this.

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