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Not bad not great.

posted by Gacknoops (CORALVILLE, IA) Jun 7, 2011

Member since May 2011

Character graphics.
Character control and troop movement.
Battlefield effects and identification.
Attack and control selection.
Battlefield game play in general.

Magic, Mongol Horse Bowman and Spartan Phalanx then a story line of the French and English hundred years war? Pick a game story, historical or make believe!

A Skill Point system that forces you to spend equally on all attributes?

Weapons and armor are maybe a 2% factor versus Level Up?

The character interactions are pointless, historically speculative and boring.

Inventory and Equipment lists that can't be altered?

Pages and pages of Stories, People, gossip, history and blah ba efin blah...WHO CARES!
All of these are a stupid waist of game time and memory that could have gone to map size.

But, I still gave it a "7" because the game play did kick ars.

end of line

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GF Rating


Its ok, not amazing

posted by noah1212 (YORK, ME) Mar 9, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

Blade storm is a very fun game. Many people will get a kick out of playing the game for quite some time, like myself, and will enjoy exploring the different strategies and units at their disposal.


Late in the game, if you don't have cavalry at a high level, you are pretty much doomed to fail against the enemy officers. There is no other unit that can move that fast consistently, and dish out that much damage, and every single major character in this game seems to use cavalry.

The time traveling in between enemy bases and your objectives can sometimes be tedious and pointless. For example, late in the game you have to find "the perfect piece of wood, iron and something else" your given five locations, all across the map, literally on the corners of the map, which is just tedious and pointless. You spend a half hour riding a horse pushing up on your control stick.

but don't let this scare you, blade storm is still a very enjoyable game, but be prepared that you aren't picking up a perfect game.

Combat is fun and the special abilities make it interactive and strategic, especially when you start to use them together to create user made combos. For example: I love using the ninjas super speed and running past enemies and throwing ninja stars.

Its fun to try and use different units effectively and use terrain to your advantage.

The story line is pointless and redundant at times, but leads up to some very epic and fantastic battles.

The projectiles are a nice touch for unites like ninjas and spears, but on hills they throw the projectile directly into the ground. If there is a sequel, this must be fixed, as in real life or any other video game, the character would realize there is a hill in front of them.

overall the game is decent, its worth a rent, and im sure many people will enjoy it. I focused on a lot of negatives because it is still far from a perfect game. There is also no multiplayer, but the single player will last you a good 40 hours+

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GF Rating



posted by classified (MILAN, IN) Apr 18, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

this is the best game i ever played in my life

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