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Also on:Xbox 360
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posted by djthaiboxe (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Sep 1, 2012

Member since Feb 2010

I was hoping this game would be a good mix in between Heavenly Sword and GOW, but omg, this game is garbage.

I was going to suffer through it as the gameplay was not entirely terrible, but the aggravating narration/voice over made this game EJECT from my ps3 faster than anything else lately. Dont bother!

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posted by jeffbindel (ARLINGTON, TX) Aug 28, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I hated the way it made you watch the cutscenes over and over again if you died. The ending absolutely sucked. Gameplay was difficult at times. The only thing I enjoyed was the fighting style. The chaining system reminded me of God of War.

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GF Rating


Not too shabby.

posted by Undeadwarri0r (CHATSWORTH, GA) Aug 23, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Quick run through. You are a Treasure hunter, Ayumi, who has 2 swords to hack-and-slash her way to reach her desired treasure on this mysterious planet. As soon as it started off i thought to myself, "Man this game is EXACTLY like X-Blades with the flying "soul/energy' you collect from killing enemies, duel wielding swords, how she jumps, and the way the character is dressed." well I'm not sure if Blades of Time is a cheap rip-off of X-Blades, but come on...Using pretty much same character (minor differences) and giving her the same name? Isn't this a violation of copyrights?

Skimpy outfit
Very tough gameplay with some puzzles
multiple abilities and weapons that boost your abilities
Ability to REWIND time and make multiples of yourself! =D

Not great gameplay nor graphics
WAY too much like X-Blades
You dont BUY abilities with gathered spirits just select 2 each time you get to an alter.
Not much of combo moves
repetitive kinda quickly
Story isn't that great.
Not much customization on anything..just simple selection.
Voice acting is quite HORRID.
At times it does get quite frustrating when trying to beat several enemies at one time

Ok so this game does have a lot more cons than pros for me but isn't too too bad. I would MORE recommend playing X-Blades, it's a lot better IMO.

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