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Urban Halo

posted by Snooze (BARTLESVILLE, OK) Nov 23, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

Well, this is another game that makes me really appreciate my game fly account. The game is not so bad and it's worst fault is that it was released after COD4. After COD4, it is going to take alot to impress me.
BS failed to deliver however with weapons provided. The sound effects lacked and their power was even worse. How is it that a melee attack always kills when a .223 in the faces doesn't? I dunno.
The online play was really weak and reminded me of a cheap version of Halo. I'm not a big Halo fan but it even beats BS hands down when it comes to LIVE competition.

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BlackSite: Area 51

posted by zenubio (FARMINGTON, MN) Nov 23, 2007

Member since Aug 2003

It's fun to kill aliens, but it gets old really fast. I was pretty impressed with how they immerse you in the story and the graphics, but by the end the boring repetitiveness of the game was its downfall.

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Wow, I expected more.

posted by MagicNinja (THEODORE, AL) Nov 21, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

Alright, I have reviewed a lot of good, bad, and mediocre games.

This one is between "Bad" and "Mediocre".

First of all, I'll mention the pros of this game.

- It's fun to play most of the time.
- The Weapons are nice
- The story is a little interesting
- The graphics aren't Next-Gen, but they still look good.
- Blow up any car is a nice touch.
- The vehicle controls are easy. It's like driving a warthog on Halo.

The cons....
- Your squad A.I. is just stupid.
- They hardly ever follow orders. Meaning, you tell them to stay in one spot and they just end up following you like a bunch of lost puppies.
- After almost every loading screen, your weapons are taken away and replaced with the assault rifle and a pistol. Which is lame.
- It's easy to die, especially when the enemies can shoot through all the cover you hide behind.
- The Squad Morale system is disgraceful. I was doing something Solo while my squad was in a chopper, well even though I was alone, for some reason my squad had low Morale. I still have yet to figure out how to give them high or low morale. It seems as though it's just at random times. The concept seems great, but it's horrible.
- At times there are too many APCs onscreen which means low FPS rate. Which is pretty much lag.

This game could have been great, if they would have spent more time with it in development. At times it seems as though they just left all of the bugs in the game. This game is a good rent if your home sick and you're bored... I'm on the last level and I've only put in about 4 hours of gameplay.

Rent this game if you want too. It's not horrible. But it's definitely not a good game. If you buy this game then you have no taste when it comes to video games.

I enjoy playing this game, but I wouldn't recommend it. I only like it because I love FPS's and you get to fight in a trailer park.

Like I said before. This game could have been great if they spent more time developing the game.

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