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if you're looking for a FPS to rent...

posted by snackdaddy (GLENDALE, AZ) Jan 9, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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you could do a lot worse than this.
It has decent graphics, good controller set-up, and gameplay is pretty brisk.
I would have enjoyed a better selection of weapons, however.You
go thru the entire game with the same gun(a machine gun). It's a good weapon, but variety is always nice. And the game is very linear.My last gripe is that the bad guys, even on the most difficult setting, are a little too easy to kill.
Also on the plus side, I enjoyed a war-oriented shooter that did NOT have Nazis.Talk about an over-done and antiquated theme!
This game gives you a chance to shoot-up terrorists in a mosque( that added 2-3 points to the game alone!!).
Definitely a solid rental, and very possibly a buy( if you are into sci-fi and FPS games).

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Not what you think it is

posted by METALLICA1 (FREDERICA, DE) Jun 14, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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Due to the huge scratch on my disk i was never able to get past the giant tick alien or whatever they called it. But overall, i believe the first area 51 had a better difficulty, storyline, and gameplay. In the first game, you could carry every weapon you picked and use it unil you ran out of ammo. In this version, you could only have 2 weapons and there was very little variety of them to begin with. The difficulty is the main problem I see with the game. The first area 51 got progressively harder to beat, even when you were on easy, while Blacksite seemed to drop to a level were a 6 year old could play it when it was on the hardest difficulty. If you are looking for a good first person shooter or a shooter in general that has the heart pounding storyline and gameplay like the first Area 51, look at Left 4 Dead or Dead Space, not this game.

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Very Good

Frame rate issues aside..this is a fun game

posted by SKOOT2006 (MANSFIELD, TX) May 1, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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Well, I had fun darn it - and lets be honest - that is why we play games isn't it?

There are some frame rate issues - for example sometimes you'll hit a checkpoint and the screen will freeze for a few seconds..or just go frame by frame for a few moments. (Makes aiming a pain when it does that). Also, I've noticed that the characters will start to speak and progress the story along before the load screen is removed. (That annoyed me).

There are some other graphical problems here and there.. mostly detail related, but nothing major.

Yes, they could have spent a little more time fine tuning this game.. but all in all.. I had a blast!

The online play is hit and miss - the main problem is that some of the maps are really big and there are not a lot of peeps online playing. If you do get a game going, it is great fun :) Aside from the lack of online players my only real complaint about the online play is that you cannot destroy enemy cover like you can in story mode. Can't destroy a wooden fence by shooting it.. can't blow up a car.. etc. Abduction is my favorite online mode.. I think everyone should try it. You start with one enemy and everyone he kills is "infected" and respaws on his team. This goes on till everyone is converted. (If you've played perfect dark zero it's almost exactly like infection)

Bottom Line: Refreshing fun..everyone should try it, but because of the lack of online players most peeps will not want to own it.

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