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BlackSite: Area 51


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Also on:PS3
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Episode 2: Quarantine

complete episode 2

Episode 3: Rachel

complete episode 3

Episode 4: Counter Insurgency

complete episode 4

Episode 5: Topside

complete episode 5

Episode 6:

complete episode 6


Play a game of virus carrier

We fear the reaper

complete a ranked match of team deathmatch

The loneliest number

host and XBOX LIVE game of blacksite co-op

The skulls of the vanquished

get over 20 kills in a single versus game without dying

Threat level Orange

complete game on orange difficulty

Threat level Red

complete game on red difficulty

Threat level Yellow

complete game on yellow difficulty

Vae victus

Win more than 50 ranked matches


Kill more than 250 reborn


Collect a Dossier

Small but mighty

Get more than 10 headshots with the pistole in campaign

Spoils of War

win more than 25 ranked matches

The downward spore

Bring down a Spore Tower

The instrument of your doom

get more than 200 kills with each weapon

Look upon my works and despair!

get more than 400 kills with each weapon

Magic Bullets

Get more than 10 kills using one m4 clip in campaign

Master Delegator

Get your squad to help you get more than 250 focus fire kills


in campaign get more than 10 kills using the lock on feature of the antitank launcher


complete a game of abduction

Professional motivator

Get squad moral to more than 20x


collect 25 dossiers

I fear the reaper

complete a ranked match of deathmatch

I said drop and roll

Bring down a Fire Brute


collect all dossiers

King of the block

win around of every ranked xbox live game type

Long distance charges may apply

get more than 10 sniper riflle kills from more than 50 meters in campaign

Flag dealer

capture more than 50 flags

Flag feeler

capture your first flag

Flag stealer

capture more than 25 flags

Geometry kills

get 10 kills using the bounching projectiles of the scatter gun in campaign

Going for the gusto

get more than 100 kills with each weapon

Home field advantage

host an xbox live versus